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Conrad Balliet reads Ron Palmer's poem, "Looking For God."

Conrad Balliet reads Gary Pacernick's poem, "The Air Force Museum."

Kevin McGruder was living in Harlem when he became intrigued by the real estate history of that part of New York City. Property had changed hands over the years. He wondered what the underlying factors were which had influenced the progression of real estate activity in Harlem? Eventually he decided to focus on a crucial period, from 1890 to 1920, when there was a gradual transformation in the demographic and racial makeup of Harlem. He delved into the records and discovered some interesting facts.

Maxine Skuba reads her poem, "The Lifeguard."

Lori Gravley reads her poem, "In the Wake of Our Devotion."

Janeal Ravndal reads Maureen Fry's poem, "Thunderstorm, Central Ohio."

Born out of a thank you barbeque for his band's supporters, Tony Herdman has grown Hog Jam into a mainstay summer festival in the Miami Valley.  As musicians and fan prepare to celebrate Hog Jam's 10th anniversary, Herdman, Sharon Lane, Scott Lee and Ramblin' Mac visited the WYSO studios for a musical preview on Kaleidoscope.

Hog Jam 10 is August 28th and 29th in Franklin, Ohio. 

Seth Jones and Jason Davis had been playing together for years when a mutual friend introduced them to Brandon Stockwell and soon Ink & Embers became a band.  The trio visited the WYSO studios for a live set on Kaleidoscope and talked about getting started, finding their sound and more.

Elizabeth Schmidt reads her poem, "Your Purple Scarf."

Herb Martin reads his poem, "A Snake In The Yard."