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Restaurants Sourcing Locally For Dinnerware

It’s likely that the name of the farmer who raised your steak is already on the menu at your favorite independent restaurant. It’s part of a national trend where restaurants source locally, but it’s about more than just ingredients. Community Voices producer Kateri Kosta tells about something so central to the culinary experience that you probably don't even notice it's there: your plate. Most restaurants serve food on mass produced identical white plates. They’re made using molds overseas in...
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Poor Will's Almanack: August 30 - September 5, 2016

I have fond memories of puffballs and their moon because twenty-eight years ago, a friend called me up with some news. “There’s a lady out on the street,” he said, “with a real big mushroom.” I went to see the sight, and there, indeed was a young woman holding what was to become the world’s largest puffball mushroom (calvatia gigantea), 18.38 pounds, 77 inches around. In our conversation years later, the woman told me that her giant fungus (“Puffy, as she called it,”) had made the 1990 and...
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President Barack Obama has commuted the prison sentences of 111 federal inmates convicted of nonviolent drug offenses, including three from northeast Ohio.

Obama has called for phasing out strict sentences for drug offenses.

The White House says Obama has granted a total of 673 commutations. More than a third of the recipients were serving life sentences.

Hal Mincy, of Cleveland, was serving a 20-year sentence for possession with the intent to distribute crack. His sentence was commuted to expire in December.

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A leading Democratic political action committee is canceling ad buys in the Ohio Senate race. It's the second major group to do so as Democrats increasingly appear to be losing hope of winning back the key state.

Conrad Balliet reads Ron Knipfer's poem, "The Spot By the Side of the Road."

More Online Charter Schools Struggle To Keep Track Of Student Learning Hours

Aug 30, 2016
The Ohio Departmente. of Education is pushing for updated safety plans for schools around the state
Ohio Department of Education

A look at several online charter school attendance reviews reveal that more e-schools might be either unable or unwilling to meet the standards the state has set to prove students are learning. 

For weeks, the state has been battling with its largest online charter school, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow or ECOT, over how it records the number of hours its more than 15,000 students spend learning. Those hours are critical to the funding of ECOT and all charter schools.

State labor leaders are reiterating their support behind presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. In a news conference scheduled for this morning in Dayton, AFL-CIO President, Tim Burga, will be joined by trade and manufacturing association leaders to expand on the endorsement the group issued in May

Bergholz, Ohio in Jefferson County, near the Pennsylvania border, is a rural, farming community of less than 700 people. Bergholz is mostly known for its Amish community, as of late, notorious for a series of beard cutting attacks that took place in 2011.


Sixteen members of the Bergholz Community waged five attacks on victims who were mostly their Amish relatives who had either left the community or openly showed opposition to it. The sixteen, including leader Samuel Mullet Sr., were eventually charged with hate crimes and sent to prison.


In this edition of WYSO Weekend we’ve got Community Voices and Culture Couch – WYSO’s occasional arts series – and today the return of Politics Ohio. Later in the program, Rebecca Rine has some aviation commentary for us. See full details below.

On Tuesday, a panel of judges shot down "golden week", 7 days during which Ohio citizens could both register and vote at the same time.

For PoliticsOhio, WYSO's April Laissle talked to Statehouse News Bureau Chief Karen Kasler about why the issue was so contentious, and how it may affect the November election.

PoliticsOhio is a wrap-up of the week's important political news in the state. Each Friday during All Things Considered, the WYSO news department talks with political reporters and experts from across Ohio about local and statewide news.

The National Weather Service says four tornadoes touched down in one western Ohio county during a storm that moved across Indiana and Ohio.

Emergency officials in Van Wert County near the Indiana state line say they're fortunate that the tornadoes rolled across mostly rural farmland during the storms Wednesday night. They say six properties had just minor damage.

The weather service also confirms that it was a tornado that damaged eight homes in Putnam County.

A county official says the homes lost siding, shingles and have a few broken windows.

Police in Cincinnati are asking for the public's help in finding the source of the suspected heroin behind an estimated 78 overdoses in just two days this week.

Authorities believe the same batch is linked to three recent deaths.

They say there were an estimated 78 overdoses on Tuesday and Wednesday and a total of 174 overdoses in emergency rooms within the past week.

Local officials are calling it a public health emergency.