WYSO Leaders

Make your pledge of support at the WYSO Leaders level and receive a hand-thrown mug made in Yellow Springs for WYSO Leaders by Naysan McIlhargey of Miami Valley Pottery

WYSO puts you in touch with your world, your state, and your community. It’s radio for the citizen in us all.

The generous contributions of WYSO members make our daily operations possible. We also have a group of dedicated partners who work to expand our operations:

Members of the WYSO Leaders major giving society contribute $500 and more each year and these dollars are used to grow WYSO’s programs – expanding your access to news and information.

WYSO Leaders are more than members – they are community partners.

Donate online here, or call Luke Dennis at 769-1379 to join the circle of WYSO Leaders.

Many of our Leaders are also Sustainers

Consider becoming a Leader at the $50/month or $100/month levels with a Sustaining Membership.

Who Joins WYSO Leaders?

  • You, the longtime member who maintains a great appreciation for the services WYSO provides and has the means to make a more substantial gift.
  • You, the internet listener who enjoys the depth and breadth of WYSO's award-winning programs.
  • You, the commuter who enjoys the long-form news coverage WYSO provides on the way to and from work each day.

Benefits for WYSO Leaders

Becoming a WYSO Leader carries with it a variety of exclusive benefits, including:

  • opportunities to interact with General Manager Neenah Ellis and program hosts at a series of “Listening Parties” at the station throughout the year
  • occasional ticket offers to performing arts events
  • behind-the-scenes peeks at program production

Most importantly, WYSO Leaders play a significant role in ensuring the continued success of a station that so many depend on, learn from and enjoy.

WYSO Leaders Events Schedule

We occasionally host Listening Parties for you, our most generous donors. It's a chance for you to meet some of the people making radio at WYSO; to hear the stories behind the stories; and then, to sit quietly and just...


This time we'll be previewing a new series:
Women's Voices from Dayton Correctional Institution



Lewis Wallace and Renee Wilde will be your hosts. They have been working with female inmates at DCI who have been interviewing each other. The first story will premiere on March 7th during Morning Edition. You will be the first to hear the rest of the stories.


It's powerful radio, full of pain and hope.  Please join us for an intimate evening. RSVP at ldennis@wyso.org.


With your permission, every WYSO Leader will be mentioned on air once a day for one week once a year:

"WYSO is supported by members of WYSO’s Major Giving Society, WYSO Leaders. Leaders -- such as NAME of CITY -- invest in the growth of the station. For information about our major giving program, contact development director Luke Dennis at 769-1379."

When we ask for your permission to do this, we’ll also confirm the schedule with you.