Youth Radio

An off-shoot of the station's groundbreaking Community Voices training project, WYSO's Youth Radio training program brings journalism and broadcasting skills like those used in WYSO's daily operations to area high school students, teaching everything from interviewing technique to digital audio editing.


WYSO began the youth-focused program in September 2014, partnering with Dayton's Ponitz Career Technology Center. WYSO Community Voices producer and Behind the Groove host Basim Blunt taught sixteen students in the school's Media Arts Radio Division how to produce feature stories for radio.


With  support from the Ohio Arts Council and the Virginia W. Kettering foundation, WYSO expanded its Youth Radio curriculum to the Dayton Early College Academy and Dayton Regional STEM school in the 14-15 school year.  The program returned to Ponitz Career Technology Center in the fall of 2015 and will visit other area schools in early 2016.


Dayton Youth Radio is supported by the Virginia W. Kettering Foundation and the Armotte Boyer Charitable Trust, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee

It's Just Family: A Teen Reflects On Adoption

Apr 21, 2016
Basim Blunt / WYSO

Today on Dayton Youth Radio we'll hear from a teenager from Yellow Springs High School. Her name is Olivia, and she's exploring what being adopted means to teens.  She speaks with her parents and younger brother to learn more in a feature entitled "It's Just Family".

Olivia Brintlinger-Conn  is a student at Yellow Springs High School.  Special thanks to Eli Hurwitz, Library Media Specialist at Yellow Springs High School.

Basim Blunt / WYSO

Today on Dayton Youth Radio we'll hear reflections from DeAnte McGlown, a student at Dayton Early College Academy who's trying to get the support he needs, after coming out to his friends and family.

From Smooth-Ban To Hitman: A Teen's Transformation

Mar 24, 2016
Basim Blunt / WYSO

Today on Dayton Youth Radio we'll meet Branley Femuels, a Senior at Ponitz High School in Dayton. He's a 2015 Associated Press Southwest Ohio All-District football star, but before he found success on the football field, he found trouble on the streets of his neighborhood.

Branley Femuels is a senior at Ponitz CTC High School. Special Thanks to Ponitz Radio media arts instructor Joanne Viskup. Learn more at the school's website: http://ponitzctc.org/

Justice For Kylen: A Teenager's Search For Answers

Mar 3, 2016
Khari Alves
Basim Blunt / WYSO

In today's Dayton Youth Radio story, we meet 17 year old  Khari Alves, a senior at Ponitz Career Technical Center. Khari did story about her cousin Kylen English, an aspiring singer who died in police custody 5 years ago.  His death was a shock to the North Dayton community and has left Khari's family searching for answers.

Darnell Terry
Basim Blunt / WYSO

This week we begin our second season of Dayton Youth Radio with a story from Darnell Terry, a senior at David H Ponitz Career Technical Center in Dayton.  Darnell believes in budgeting his money and talks to his friends about their financials habits and offers a bit of dating advice.

Darnell Terry is a senior at Ponitz CTC High School. Special Thanks to Ponitz Radio media arts instructor Joanne Viskup. Learn more at the school's website: http://ponitzctc.org/

Teens Gives Voice To Local, National Issues

Aug 2, 2015
Basim Blunt / WYSO

We are excited to present the final Public Service Announcements produced by the students at the Dayton Regional STEM School. These students wrote and produced these presentations as part of their participation in the Dayton Youth Radio project. All of the producers researched the project information via actual non-profit organizations that reflect some of the concerns important to them as teenagers. Sam Shear produced his PSA about students being fiscally responsible for an organization know as Feed the Pig.

Basim Blunt / WYSO

Sha'tera Wilcoxson is a junior at the Dayton Regional STEM School, a gifted student, and an accomplished singer but unfortunately these talents could not protect her from being teased and tormented by her peers.  Sha'tera says that she has persevered through that period in her life, and now she has gained self confidence needed to succeed. She has written and produced a public service announcement for the PACER Organization to encourage all of us to help put an end to bullying.


A Teenager Cautions Those Driving While Texting

Jul 16, 2015
Basim Blunt / WYSO

Jordan Durham thinks that texting while driving is very dangerous and he wants both adults and teenagers to stop this behavior. The statistics are shocking, there are an estimated 6000 deaths per year due to texting while driving and teenagers are at a greater risk. Jordan hopes his pubic service announcement will get others thinking.

Basim Blunt / WYSO

The students at STEM wanted to use Dayton Youth Radio training for community outreach. In this series we'll be listening to student produced PSA's or public service announcements that represent issues important to teenagers.

Basim Blunt / WYSO

Modern families come in many variations. Youth Radio producer Jessye Beck Stones says that her family started as a blended family. Jessye and her half -brother Emerie feel lucky because in their home they have formed a loving family bond. She gets angry when adults assume that black fathers are not active in raising their children.