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5:50 pm
Fri August 19, 2011

PoliticsOhio: GOP Looks To Compromise On Senate Bill 5, Unions Say It's Too Late

There have been a lot of discussions that seem to be happening behind the scenes about how to get this resolved before this goes to the ballot to voters in about 80 or so days, in a little over 2 months. There was some talk about how some republican leaders were trying to get union leaders to deal with this.

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Statewide News
5:16 pm
Wed August 17, 2011

GOP Leaders Seek To Stop Senate Bill 5 Ballot Issue

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There are 83 days till election day, and the fight for and against Ohio's new collective bargaining reform law is gearing up. Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports Republican leaders are just now asking the leaders of the group that put Issue 2 before voters to come to a meeting to talk about a compromise.

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Politics, Statewide News
7:32 am
Wed August 10, 2011

Players in Ohio Union Issue Downplay Wisconsin Impact

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Groups in Ohio say the outcome of Wisconsin recall elections involving a collective bargaining overhaul will have little bearing on whether a similar law in Ohio is repealed this fall.

We Are Ohio spokeswoman Melissa Fazekas said Tuesday that the scenarios in the two states aren’t comparable.

In Wisconsin, Republican politicians who signed onto the law are being challenged. In Ohio, voters will decide Nov. 8 whether to keep the law that limits public unions. Ohio's constitution makes no provision for recalling elected officials.

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