Dear Mr. President

Help us tell the story of the Miami Valley by writing a letter to the President and sending it to WYSO.

Your letter can be written, or recorded for audio or video. WYSO will collect the letters for a special storytelling series this spring.

Your letter may be featured on the air! 

Here's how to participate:

Write a letter: No more than 300 words - THEN - follow these steps:

  • Record yourself in audio or video reading your letter out loud
  • Send us the recording. Length: no longer than 90-seconds
  • Send us a selfie/portrait of yourself holding your letter
  • Please let us know if you need help recording your letter

We want to hear from you, your family, your friends and your neighbors. Email your letter to wyso@wyso.org. A producer may contact you for more information.

Ways to Connect

Dear Mr. President, 

As a retired 73-year-old female supporting myself on a very modest income, possibly my opinion doesn’t count for much. But like most, I have definite feelings about the current political situation in our beloved country.

I am conservative and Christian (not popular, I understand) and am aware that the news and entertainment industries are most definitely NOT sympathetic with my views. However, nothing could have prepared me for the negative response to this election outcome.

Dr. Tanisha Richmond at her office in Dayton.
WYSO/Jess Mador

For the last few months WYSO has been collecting your audio letters for our Dear Mr. President project.

Dear Mr. President asks what you want to say about your community, and what you want President Donald Trump to know about the Miami Valley.  We’ve sorted through dozens of letters so far, and found the number-one topic on the minds of many of our letter writers is an issue that’s dominated headlines this year: health care and what to do about the Affordable Care Act.