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Ways to Connect

Dear Mr. President: Kindness And Love

Mar 29, 2017

Dear Mr. President,

You are about to embark on the most important job in the world and will have the capacity to change our world.

The question is, how would you like to change it? I hope your intention is to change it for the good.

I have learned that one can only give what they have, so if you want to give kindness and love, then you have to have plenty of it in your heart to give.

My suggestion to you is to surround yourself with loving people who will give you advice backed up with love, care and generosity, then you can give them to the world.

-Original music, written and performed by Ohio Heritage Fellow Rick Good

January 17, 2017

 Dear Mr. President asks what you want to say about your community, and what you want President Donald Trump to know about the Miami Valley. Submit your own letter by emailing it to wyso@wyso.org. 

Attention: President Donald Trump

The West side of Dayton, Ohio, is symptomatic or emblematic of the successful politics of racism, whereby it is acceptable to neglect and disparage African American (or Black in the common racial parlance) sides of cities and towns across America. This has resulted in lower property values, a general lack of investments, blighted neighborhoods and communities, lower education standards, fewer job opportunities and exponential growth in urban crime.

Dear Mr. President: Con Man

Mar 29, 2017

Con Man, by Sandy Leigh

January 18, 2017

Dear Mr. President asks what you want to say about your community, and what you want President Donald Trump to know about the Miami Valley. Submit your own letter by emailing it to wyso@wyso.org.

Dear Mr. President: People Are Looking For Jobs

Mar 29, 2017

Dear President Trump,

My name De’Andre Stringer. I’m a young man that is concerned about my city and my state. Knowing the idea that you are trying to make America great again, which is a very hard task and an idea that could be taken as a catchphrase with no action behind it.

But it’s not a catchphrase to me.

With making America great again you will be helping out cities with businesses and jobs. As you are getting ready to take office, I want to address some facts, concerns and suggestions to you in my region of Ohio.

Dear Mr President,

I hope my apprehension is unwarranted. Many are scared by what you have said in the past. What scares me most is the rhetoric of fear exploited by your campaign, by far the most divisive weapon to be deployed upon the public.

This country was built on the backs of immigrants and slaves and heroes that gave more than their due for the vision of something new -- a nation for all people, a democracy regardless of race or creed, responsible for their own destiny. The only outsiders here are those who do not share these principles.

Dear Mr. President: Relief For Chronic-Pain Sufferers

Mar 29, 2017

Dear President Trump,

I am writing for myself and all others that suffer with chronic pain. The legislature has stopped our doctors from writing prescription drugs for long-term pain.

I have arthritis but that is not my biggest complaint. I have fibromyalgia, which is very painful and debilitating. It is so debilitating that I had to give up my career as a nurse because of its severity.

Dear Mr. President: Reckless In Demand

Mar 28, 2017

Reckless in Demand, by Tom Clevenger


Dear Mr. Bloviate in Chief

What’s the exaggeration of the week

With reckless in demand

You supply all you can

Tell them how you’ll make it great again

What is there to make so great again?

Dear Mr. Bully in Chief

Demonize the powerless and weak

You incite and inflame

And dismiss or defame

Others if they treat you the same

From a hundred and forty character frame

How can we be winning with so, much to lose

Dear Mr. President: I Stopped Seeing Medicaid Patients

Mar 28, 2017
Dr. Chuck Smith
Courtesy Dr. Chuck Smith

Dear Mr. President,

Dear Mr. President: Let's Build Bridges Of Understanding

Mar 28, 2017

Dear Mr. President,

My name is Dr. Karen M.R. Townsend and I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to you.

The God I serve loves ALL. I am a CHRISTIAN. And my savior--Jesus Christ--was a JEWISH carpenter. While I often have to "remember" to pray ONCE a day, many of my MUSLIM brothers and sisters pray FIVE times a day.

While the state of IMMIGRATION in our country is a top story on the news, unless YOU are a NATIVE AMERICAN, then YOU TOO are an IMMIGRANT.