A judge has ruled a takeover of the Youngstown City Schools by an appointed chief executive officer can proceed.

In denying a preliminary injunction Tuesday, Judge Jenifer French delivered a blow to representatives of the academically-distressed district who sought to block implementation of the law this month.

The takeover plan was crafted by a group of local business, community and education leaders with the help of State Superintendent Richard Ross. It was kept secret from the public until it was pushed through both chambers of the state Legislature on a single day.

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The owner of a northeast Ohio well used to dispose of wastewater from oil and gas drilling plans to remove material from it to help lower its inner pressure following 11 minor earthquakes.

State officials say they believe injecting wastewater near a fault line created enough pressure to cause seismic activity. The latest and largest quake was Saturday in the Youngtown area and registered at magnitude 4.0, which can cause moderate damage.