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In this edition of WYSO Weekend:

Allen Kimbrough

In this edition of WYSO Weekend:

Brunner Literacy Center

Illiteracy continues to be an issue for many adults.  It affects their lives in some big ways—the employment they receive, the people they communicate with. One area organization is fighting illiteracy head on through education services for adults.  Jacki Mayer is the executive director at Brunner.  This week we sat down for a conversation about the services they offer and how they’re changing lives.

The last day of school is usually the best day of school for many kids growing up—then it’s off for a summer of fun with family and friends.  Over summer vacation, many kids will participate in learning programs or some sort of activity that keeps them engaged in the learning process. But not all kids have access to those enrichment programs.  They can be scare for lower income kids and families without access.

Dayton's officials are coming up against some unknowns in the budget process for next year.
Derek Jensen

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Jerry Kenney

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In this edition of WYSO Weekend:  Information on today's annual WYSO Open House. Come out to the station anytime between 2 - 6pm!  Later in the program our very own Juliet Fromholt will give us the details on this YSO Family event!!!

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has certified the official results for Ohio’s 2014 May Primary.

In a press release, Husted commended the “state’s elections officials and roughly 40,000 poll workers” who worked during the primary.  The Secretary says Ohio will now prepare for the upcoming August 5th Special Election and the November 4th General Election “to ensure they run smoothly.”

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