WYSO Weekend

Welcome to WYSO Weekend, the home of WYSO produced news and features. On today’s program, climate commentary from Bob Brecha, and a conversation with WYSO’s Basim Blunt about our series Dayton Youth Radio.  Plus, Community Voices producer Kevin McGruder looks at student unrest on the campus of Wilberforce University in the late 1960s. See full details below.

Thanks for checking out WYSO Weekend, the home of YSO produced news and features. On today’s program Miami Valley StoryCorps and Dayton Youth Radio. Later in the program, there are more than 1,300 disabled artists who work with We Care Arts in Kettering, Ohio every year. Coming up, Community Voices producer Jason Reynolds will bring us a day-in-the-life-profile of one of those artists. See full details below.

In this edition of WYSO Weekend, the home of YSO produced news and features: Community Voices and Dayton Youth Radio. Bill Felker has this week's Poor Will’s Miami Valley Almanack. And we’ll look at a new program taking place in Dayton that aims to curb the high rate of infant deaths in Ohio. See full details below.

In this edition of WYSO Weekend: WYSO’s Dave Barber takes a look at baseball legend Pete Rose ahead of this Tuesday’s All Star Game where Rose will make an appearance.  We’ve got Dayton Youth Radio and Climate Commentary from Bob Brecha. And YSO Music Director Niki Dakota will give us the scoop on our Open House taking place today. See full details below.

In this edition of WYSO Weekend: Community Voices and Dayton Youth Radio.  We’ll also talk to the developer of a new smart phone app that helps lost pets get back to their owners.  Then we'll talk with Montgomery County Animal Resource Center to learn more about the stray pet population here at home. See full details below.

WYSO Weekend is the home of WYSO produced news and special features. Today we’ve got WYSO Curious with Lewis Wallace and climate commentary from Bob Brecha. And we've got plenty of reaction to the Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage. 

A large mural of Paul Laurence Dunbar greets visitors to the Wright Dunbar Interpretive Center in Dayton.
Jerry Kenney

The birth of famed poet and Dayton native, Paul Laurence Dunbar, will be celebrated this month. Both, Wright Dunbar, Inc. and the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park are hosting several events to commemorate and honor the poet.

WYSO spoke with Mary Mathews at Wright Dunbar about the planned events and the legacy Dunbar left for his hometown.  See full event details in the official press release below the interview (WYSO is not responsible for the written content below).

In this edition of WYSO Weekend: WYSO welcomes back to the Antioch campus, hundreds of alumni for reunion weekend, and many YSO alumni have returned to celebrate the opening of the WYSO Digital Archives. We also have Miami Valley StoryCorps, and Dayton Youth Radio.

In this edition of WYSO Weekend: Dayton Youth Radio, Miami Valley StoryCorps and WYSO Curious.  We’ll also hear a report on issues surrounding curriculum and testing assessments in the Vandalia-Butler school District. And Yellow Springs resident, Tim Honchel, talks about his experience translating the English version of a book about growing up in poverty in Central America. See full program details below.

In this edition of WYSO Weekend: We’ll learn why one Clark County police officer is out of a job, and we’ll hear how downtown Dayton plans to celebrate gay pride next weekend. We've got Dayton Youth Radio, Veteran’s Voices and more.