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In 2016, Community Voices Producer, Jason Reynolds profiled Vietnam veteran Barry Romo in a two-part story called 'How a Model Soldier Becomes a Vietnam Protester: The Barry Romo Story.
courtesy of Barry Romo, VVAW

Antioch University Professor Emeritus Jim Malarkey, says, "The Vietnam War was a defining time in the lives of several generations of Americans and South East Asians. Three million perished and countless were wounded and displaced. The consequences were incalculable. Active resistance to the war eventually led to U.S. withdrawal. But attitudes to the Vietnam war had divided families, towns, campuses and congregations; and the war still sits heavily and unresolved in the minds of many."



In this edition of WYSO Weekend, one of our newest Community Voices producers examines the question, ‘Who Killed Davey Moore?’ We’ll also hear commentary from Bob Brecha. See full details below.


In this edition of WYSO Weekend, report cards have come out for charter and public schools in the state. Ohio public radio’s Karen Kasler will tell us how how they performed this time around. We’ll also hear about the debate over gun-free zones in Ohio, and we’ll answer the question 'Why is the Miami Valley a tornado hotspot?' That’s coming up on WYSO Curious. See full details below.


Overdose deaths continue to rise in Southwest Ohio. The opioid epidemic is also taking a toll on the courts as more and more addicts end up behind bars for drug-related crimes. To help mitigate overcrowding, some Miami Valley counties are launching special drug courts. The courts offer nonviolent addicts a chance to avoid jail and get the services they need to stay clean and out of trouble for good. WYSO Community Voices Producer Jason Reynolds has been following one of the newest drug courts in Clinton County. Reynolds reports the program is already having an impact. But it’s no easy fix for the county’s serious addiction problem.  

Welcome to your weekly radio magazine, WYSO Weekend - On today’s program, WYSO Curious and information on this year’s Concours deElegance at Carillon Historical Park. See full details below.



There is an effort underway in the village of Yellow Springs to make it a dementia-friendly community. The Yellow Springs Senior Center, the Greene County Council on Aging, the Alzheimer’s Association and other groups are working together on the project and to tell us what it means to be a dementia-friendly community, is Toni Dosik. She is the project director for Dementia Friendly Yellow Springs.

Welcome to your weekly radio magazine, WYSO Weekend. In this program, WYSO Curious takes on fluctuating gas prices - a very timely story in light of hurricane Harvey. We’ll also have a guest joining us in studio to tell us about this year’s Free to Breathe 5K Run/Walk coming up in just a few weeks. See full details below.



Welcome to your weekly radio magazine, WYSO Weekend. Coming up on today’s program, you’ll hear some music from one of our upcoming guests at the WYSO Community Concert taking place on September 10th at Riverscape Metro Park. Later in the program, Bill Felker has this week’s Poor Will’s Almanack. See full details and check out the program below.



This summer, WYSO has brought you stories of Ohioans living with disabilities. Today, in our final installment of that series we’ll meet Heather Reese. 40-year-old Heather has Down syndrome, a heart defect called MR, and a visual impairment. In this story, Heather takes us on a tour of United Rehabilitation Services in Dayton, where she works. And, we meet Heather’s mom, Sue Reese, who also works at URS.


Welcome to our weekly radio magazine, WYSO Weekend. In this program we've got  the information you’ll need to view the solar eclipse taking place on the 21st, and you'll hear how a local non-profit that feeds families and individuals in need hopes to expand their services. 

This summer, we’re bringing you stories of Ohioans living with disabilities. Today, we explore the issue of employment discrimination and access. And WYSO producer Anna Lurie introduces us to Susan Koller and Tom Webb -- who both have cerebral palsy. They say work environments often aren’t set up to accommodate disabilities. Many people with mobility issues in the workplace need special software or other assistive technology. 

Welcome to your weekly radio magazine, WYSO Weekend.  In this program - an excerpt from a spectacular edition of A Country Ramble. Last Sunday night, August 6, 2017, long time music hosts on WYSO, Tom Duffy and Fred Bartenstein, spent two hours reminiscing and reflecting back 90 years to the birth of commercial country music. It all happened when the Carter Family and Jimmie Rogers got together for a series of recording sessions in Bristol, Virginia, now known as the Bristol sessions.

This summer, we’re bringing you stories of Ohioans living with disabilities. Today, we meet Darrell Dean, who works at a disability services organization in Dayton. As WYSO’s April Laissle explains, at first, Darrell struggled to find a job after he graduated from high school.

Welcome to WYSO Weekend, our weekly radio magazine.  Here's our list of stories on this week's program: 

With the threat of a teacher strike looming, parents of Dayton Public Schools students gathered Tuesday to come up with a Plan B.  DPS district officials say school will start as scheduled on August 15. But, many parents are still worried about how a strike could affect their kids.

A deadly ride malfunction at the Ohio State Fair last week has raised questions about ride oversight and inspections. From public radio station WOSU, Esther Honig has been looking around, and found regulations for rides vary widely from state to state.  

Welcome to your weekly radio magazine, WYSO Weekend! Coming up in this week's program, we’ll explore the art and psychology behind tattooing, on Culture Couch. You’ll hear all about the 2nd annual Makers Faire taking place at Carillon Park next weekend.  We’ve also got commentary from Bob Brecha, and Bill Felker has this week's Poor WIll’s Almanack. See full details below.