Sunday Documentary Hour

WYSO Programming Notes
3:22 pm
Mon October 1, 2012

The Power and Politics of New Energy Frontiers

This week on the Sunday Documentary Hour, another installment of BURN: An Energy Journal. Earlier in this series we've heard about nuclear power and the hunt for oil. Now, BURN's host Alex Chadwick examines how, in this election season, a single person, place, or policy can – with a boost from science –   affect the nation’s search for greater energy independence. President Barack Obama and his opponent, Mitt Romney, share one broad policy goal – greater energy independence for the United States. But, they differ on how to achieve it.

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Community Voices
6:00 pm
Sun July 24, 2011

WYSO Community Voices 2011 Special

Top Row, left to right: Caressa Brown, Neenah Ellis, Brooke Bryan, Sarah Buckingham. Middle row: Shelly Hulce, Susan Byrnes. Front row: Nick Long, Liz Cambron, Luke Dennis, Sehvilla Mann, Dennie Eagleson.
Photo by Dennie Eagleson

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