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Statewide News
7:27 am
Tue November 15, 2011

Ohio's Election Law Foes Fall Short on Signatures

Ohio's top election official says opponents of the state's new election law do not have the signatures needed to get a ballot repeal question before voters next fall, though foes have another 10 days to submit more signatures.

Among other changes, the law shortens the swing state's early voting period.

Secretary of State Jon Husted's ruling on Monday comes after election officials reviewed the more than 333,000
signatures that opponents submitted in late September to put the law on hold.

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Statewide News
7:22 am
Tue November 15, 2011

Ohio High Court Refuses to Halt Tuesday Execution

The Ohio Supreme Court has denied a request to halt the Tuesday execution of a man who fatally shot his
three sons while they slept in 1982.

The high court on Monday rejected Reginald Brooks' request just hours after a state appeals court denied his appeal for a chance to seek a new trial.

An attorney for the 66-year-old Brooks, of East Cleveland, had indicated earlier that a new-trial request was pending in U.S. District Court if the state appeal failed. A separate appeal was pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Statewide News
7:18 am
Tue November 15, 2011

Gov. Kasich Responds to Ohio Redistricting Lawsuit

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is arguing that he should be dismissed from a lawsuit over the state's new map of U.S. House districts.

Clermont County Republican voter Belinda Ward sued Kasich, Ohio's elections chief and GOP legislative leaders, asking a county judge to draw new lines since lawmakers can't come to an agreement.

Changes are required due to Ohio population shifts over the past decade.

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Statewide News
9:23 am
Fri November 11, 2011

Inmates with HIV sue Ohio over medical records

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - HIV-positive inmates have sued Ohio claiming their medical records were released to the general population at a central Ohio prison, subjecting them to ridicule and threats.

The attorney representing Mansfield Correctional Institution inmates being treated for the virus that causes AIDS said Thursday that six lawsuits were filed in September and October in the Ohio Court of Claims and that more are expected. He says the lawsuits stem from a June incident at the prison.

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9:30 pm
Tue November 8, 2011

AP Reports Issue 3 Decided, Ohio Opts Out Of Health Care Mandate

Voters in Ohio have approved a ballot measure intended to keep government from requiring Ohioans to participate in any health care system.

The constitutional amendment passed is largely symbolic, coming in response to the 2009 federal health care overhaul, a provision of which mandates that most Americans purchase health care.

Supporters hope it will prompt a challenge of the overhaul before the U.S. Supreme Court.

The tea party and Republican groups backing the amendment say the Affordable Care Act was an overreach by the Obama administration and Congress.

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