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Both Democrats and Republicans have launched major voter turnout efforts in advance of the November 2014 election.  vote election voters
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Both major political parties are in the last-ditch push to get their voters to return early ballots or to turn out on Election Day Nov. 4.

Matt Borges, chair of the Ohio Republican Party, says the party learned a lot from losing the races for president and U.S. Senator in 2012.

Jerry Kenney

The Republican National Committee Chairman visited Central State University in Wilberforce Wednesday. Reince Priebus was there to mark the opening of the first Chapter of College Republicans on the historically black campus. 

Priebus told reporters at the event that the GOP has come up short when it comes to reaching younger and minority voters.

The Ohio Republican Party has a new leader. Matt Borges, the party’s acting executive director, will take over as Chairman in June. Borges, who was supported by Governor Kasich and Republican leaders, won by a large margin, 48 to 7, over tea party activist Tom Zowistowski. He says there’s a difference in goals between his supporters and party loyalists.