Rumpke's Dayton recycling facility separates glass and paper, and ships the rest to Cincinnati to be sorted.
Carey Scheer / WYSO

Carmen Milano, a 63-year-old yoga teacher from Yellow Springs, points to the instructional sticker on the top of her big green Rumpke Recycling bin.


“Here first it says plastic bottles one to seven, caps removed.” She laughs.  “This is my favorite. Pizza box, with grease removed. Do you remove your grease from your pizza box?”


Dayton's Rumpke Recycling Talks Expansion, Paper Cups

May 21, 2014
The Rumpke Recycling processing plant in Dayton is increasing its capacity with an expensive upgrade.
Lewis Wallace / WYSO

Rumpke Recycling is close to completing a major upgrade of its Dayton recycling plant this week. Rumpke takes in and processes about 350,000 tons of recycling per year in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and surrounding areas, from residential, commercial and municipal sources.