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We've been looking at the Presidential re-election and how it pertains to Ohio. This piece from NPR's It's All Politics blog takes a look at how the rest of the world is reacting.

Ohio was one of the key battleground states in this year's presidential election. NPR's Barbara Bradley Hagerty has this report on how Ohio and other key states factored into the President's victory as well as links to Mr. Obama's victory speech and Mitt Romney's concession speech.

President Barack Obama won re-election to a second term last night. Ohioans elected Obama over Republican Mitt Romney by a two point margin.

Democrats who packed into the new Columbus Downtown Hilton ballroom were already giddy with excitement after U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown defeated Republican Challenger Josh Mandel.  But when they saw news that President Barack Obama had enough votes to be re-elected, a loud roar went up in the ballroom.

Both President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are in Ohio the final weekend before Tuesday's election. Emily McCord speaks to Ohio Statehouse News Bureau Chief Karen Kasler about the significance about campaigning in Southwest Ohio, whether or not the controversy surrounding the Romney's camp's Jeep talk will alter the election, and the state of the senate race and Issue 2.

Ohio has been the state to watch for the Presidential election and both candidates have been focusing heavily on southwest Ohio in recent days. Emily McCord reports that the President Obama and his challenger Mitt Romney are trying to rally their bases.

Ohio's Republican senator says President Barack Obama is distorting Republican Mitt Romney's position on the auto industry bailout, a key issue in the pivotal state.

Sen. Rob Portman says President Obama’s comments have been "reckless and irresponsible."  Portman particularly objected to the president’s speech in Dayton , on Tuesday in which he said there might not still be an American auto industry if Romney had been president.

Obama, Biden Visit Crowd Of 9,500 In Ohio

Oct 24, 2012
Emily McCord

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden campaigned in Ohio Tuesday. At Dayton’s triangle park, he urged supporters to vote early and worked to fire up the base two weeks before the election. Mr. Obama accused Republican challenger Mitt Romney of being all over the map on foreign policy, education, and hit him hard on his position on the auto industry.

A new poll indicates President Barack Obama's lead in Ohio has dwindled, but he is getting strong support from women.

The Quinnipiac University/CBS News poll released today put the Democratic president ahead of Republican Mitt Romney 50 percent to 45.  Obama led 55-40 among women and Romney 51-44 among men.  Romney led independent voters 49-42 percent.

Romney had more support among white voters, while blacks were heavily for Obama in the poll.  A Quinnipiac survey Sept 26 had shown Obama with a 10-point lead.

Since last week’s Presidential debate, numerous polls have shown a big swing toward GOP candidate Mitt Romney.  WYSO’s Jerry Kenney spoke with the Communication Directors for both the National Republican and Democratic Committees to get their reaction.

Obama, Romney Vie For Early Voters

Oct 3, 2012

The campaigns for the President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are busy this week as early voting begins. Emily McCord reports that both teams are launching bus tours and other efforts to get Ohioans to the polls.