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6:04 am
Mon January 21, 2013

Ohioans to Play a Role in Inaguration Events

A handful of Ohioans will be front and center for President Barack Obama's inauguration.

Autoworker Kenyetta Jones is one of right "citizen co-chairs" who've been selected to highlight Obama's first-term accomplishments.

Jones spoke at last year's Democratic National Convention about Obama's work to bailout the auto industry.

She'll ride on an inaugural parade float after Obama's swearing-in Monday.

The Miami University Marching Band will be in the parade too.

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5:45 pm
Fri November 9, 2012

PoliticsOhio: After Election, President Obama Faces Fiscal Cliff Challenge

With the election decided, all eyes turn to January, when mandatory across-the-board cuts will be enacted unless Congress makes a deal to solve the budget deficit. Emily McCord is joined by Bill Hershey for this week's PoliticsOhio. He's covered every Ohio Presidential election since 1980 and speaks to McCord about the challenges President Obama has to avoid sequestration cuts and about how changing demographics affects future races and the importance of swing state Ohio

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Election 2012
11:42 am
Wed November 7, 2012

Election Results Wrap-up

President Barack Obama has won Ohio again, capturing the swing state after a hard-fought battle with Republican Mitt Romney. Obama, who also won Ohio in 2008, claims the swing state's 18 electoral votes on his way to an electoral victory nationwide.

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10:23 am
Wed November 7, 2012

Reactions to Obama's Re-Election From Around the World

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We've been looking at the Presidential re-election and how it pertains to Ohio. This piece from NPR's It's All Politics blog takes a look at how the rest of the world is reacting.
Once the news of President Obama's reelection spread, the congratulations started raining in. NPR's Philip Reeves reports that one of the first messages came from British Prime Minister David Cameron. "Above all congratulations to Barack Obama," Cameron said during a trip to Jordan.
7:03 am
Wed November 7, 2012

Victory and Concession Speeches from the Presidential Candidates

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Ohio was one of the key battleground states in this year's presidential election. NPR's Barbara Bradley Hagerty has this report on how Ohio and other key states factored into the President's victory as well as links to Mr. Obama's victory speech and Mitt Romney's concession speech.
The president's victory came surprisingly easily, as he won seven of the eight key battleground states, and appeared on his way to win the eighth, Florida, which is still too close to call. By holding the "Midwest firewall" — including Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan — the president handily defeated his challenger, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.