Poultry Banned From Upcoming Ohio Fairs

Jun 2, 2015
As many as 50 million chickens have died of avian flu since late 2014.
kusabi / flickr

In an effort to keep the nationwide outbreak of avian flu virus out of the state, the Ohio Department of Agriculture is banning poultry shows at every Ohio fair through at least the end of the year.

The recent outbreak of the H5 virus has killed up to 50 million chickens and turkeys in the U.S., but none in Ohio so far. State veterinarian Dr. Tony Forshey says there will be an increased risk during the upcoming fall migration season.

A chicken farm. Chickens advertised as "cage free" may still be kept in cramped warehouses.
jlastras / Wikimedia Commons

 A California-based lawsuit against Kroger could become a class action including shoppers in Ohio. The dispute is over truth in packaging for Kroger’s line of chicken products known as Simple Truth chicken. Simple Truth is on Kroger shelves in green-themed packaging that says the chicken is cage-free and raised in a humane environment.