Myrna Stone reads her poem, "Third Spring After."

Conrad Balliet reads Mary Jo White's poem, "Why Poetry."

Conrad Balliet reads Marian Schwilke-Thomas' poem, "April Fools Day."

This weekend continues a series of events celebrating the life and work of poet Langston Hughes with two vocal performances.  Jeremy Winston, director of the Central State University Chorus, and Cathy Roma, director of the World House Choir, joined Niki Dakota live in the studio along with soloist Charles Williams to talk about Hughes' work as set to music.  Kevin McGruder joined the conversation via the phone.

Herb Martin reads his poem, "Little Boy."

Lori Gravley reads Rita Coleman's poem, "The Trees."

Audrey Hackett reads her poem, "Maine cira 1984"

Elizabeth Schmidt reads her poem, "Drop It."

Conrad Balliet reads his poem, "Home."

Janeal Ravndal reads Barbara Astor's poem, "Glitz."