Julie Moore reads Marian Schwilke-Thomas' "Potato Parable."

Janeal Ravndal reads Aimee Noel's poem, "Inverted Water."

Janeal Ravndal reads her poem, "Scatterrug."

Janeal Ravndal reads Jane Kretschman's poem, "October Light."

Lori Gravley reads her poem, "Superstition."

In 2003 Luisa Lang Owen appeared on the program to discuss her memoir "Casualty of War: A Childhood Remembered." After World War Two ended and the Germans were defeated many members of the German ethnic minority in Yugoslavia were placed in concentration camps by Marshall Tito's victorious partisans. Luisa Lang Owen was one of those internees. She was only a child and the painful memories of the experience are at the heart of her memoir.

Janeal Ravndal reads Julie Moore's poem, "Innocence."

David Garrison reads Matthew Birdsall's poem, "Behavioral Health Services."

Conrad Balliet reads Peter Caccavari's poem, "Gift."

Steve Broidy reads his poem, "Notabene."