Sonia Sanchez, a prominent black rights activist and critically acclaimed poet, came to the Dayton area to speak at Wilberforce University's 160th anniversary celebration. Sanchez is best known for her part in helping create the first Black studies program in higher education. She came to the WYSO studio to speak with Gabriel Civil, a performance arts professor at Antioch college. The two reflect on Sanchez's life,her poetry and the black arts movement through years of change and intergenerational influence.  


Conrad Balliet reads James Brooks' poem, "Gliding."

Rita Coleman reads her poem, "Gladdons Creek."

Conrad Balliet reads Ed Davis' poem, "I Told Jesus."

Myrna Stone reads her poem, "To My Parents."

Elizabeth Schmidt reads her poem, "Your Purple Scarf."

Lori Gravley reads her poem, "Olivene."

Mary Jo White reads her poem, "Two Notes From the Universe."

Judy Johnson reads her poem, "Long Gone."

Mary Jo White reads two of her poems, "Why Not" and "The Difference."