Mary Jo White reads her poem, "Learning To Open Doors"

Cathy Essinger reads her poem, "Common Grounds"

Conrad Balliet reads Matthew Birdsall's poems, "Flash" and "Desire"

Janeal Ravndal reads Barbara Astor's poem, "As You Always Knew, Dear Emily"

Elizabeth Schmidt reads her poem, "The Secret Is Out"

Steve Broidy reads his poem, "By the Light of a Supermoon"

Marietta Ball reads her poem, "A Ritual"

David Garrison reads Dick Davis' poem, "Monorhyme for the Shower."

Dayton Poetry Slam's Link Schreiber returned to the WYSO studios ahead of the latest edition of the Slam and LitFest 2018 at the University of Dayton for a preview of both events on Kaleidoscope.

Dayton Poetry Slam is the first and third Sunday of each month at the Yellow Cab in downtown Dayton.  LitFest 2018 is March 9 and 10 at the University of Dayton.  More information below:

David Garrison reads Robert Brimm's poem, "This Frozen Pond."