Ohio School Boards Association

TROY, Ohio (AP) — A group of parents have voiced their displeasure with a western Ohio school district's decision to grant access to the men's restroom for a transgender student.

Troy City Schools Superintendent Eric Herman announced Monday that the district will fall in compliance with the law and allow the student to use the men's room.

The district notified parents Friday that denying the student's request would be prohibited under Title IX.

Herman says restrooms are available in every district building for those who would rather not use a shared bathroom.

Arise Academy in Dayton is now closed, and former leaders of the school have been convicted of federal crimes.
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COLUMBUS, Ohio - This week's special election was one of the toughest in years for Ohio school districts.

The Ohio School Boards Association says voters approved just six of the 23 school tax requests on the ballot around the state on Tuesday. That works out to a passage rate of 26 percent, the lowest in an August election since the 14 percent approved in 2007.