Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles

Ohio driver's licenses and state IDs have a new look in the new year.
Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles

Ohioans will be in for a surprise when they renew their Ohio Driver’s license or state identification card.

Driver's licenses and state-issued IDs have a new look, effective immediately. The salmon colored background on those cards has been replaced with one that’s a blue/green color.  And the laminate on the front of the card is different too.  It now contains the word “OHIO” and the year “1803” near the top of the card. 

Ohio Drops Plans to Comply With Fed's ID Rules

Dec 6, 2013

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles has decided to back off plans to comply with federal driver's license rules because of privacy concerns.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that the state scuttled plans to comply with the Real ID plan approved by the federal Department of Homeland Security.

Ohio Department of Public Safety spokesman Joe Andrews said state officials balked at the "one driver-one license" rule and at being required to store and share copies of personal documents, such as birth certificates.