Ohio Board of Education

Superintendent Richard Ross and others at Tuesday's school board meeting.
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A three-member panel appointed by the outgoing state school superintendent has come up with 22 ideas on how to reform Ohio’s troubled charter schools and improve public perception of the schools.

The panel recommended charter schools be evaluated on similar criteria as public schools, and that grades for online and dropout recovery charter schools be included in reviews. The state’s charter school chief resigned this summer after coming under fire for not including failing grades for some schools in evaluations.  

Arise Academy in Dayton is now closed, and former leaders of the school have been convicted of federal crimes.
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At least two of the state’s school board members feel stifled in their efforts to investigate Ohio’s charter schools.


A.J. Wagner, who is an elected member for the Dayton area, says the more the Ohio Department of Education drags its feet reviewing the recent data-scrubbing scandal, the more skeptical he becomes.


“If they cheated on one thing, what else might they have cheated on? What are they hiding” Wagner said.


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Data shows that less than half of Ohio students met the academic standards on new Common Core tests taken the last school year.

Preliminary results shared with the Ohio Board of Education show that passage rates have dropped from previous standardized testing. About 26 percent to 40 percent of elementary and middle school students met or exceeded expectations on math and English exams.

State Superintendent Richard Ross takes questions from the Ohio Board of Education during its meetings this week.
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Members of the Ohio Board of Education were able to question State Superintendent Richard Ross during the group’s meeting Tuesday. It was his first interaction with the board since the charter school data scrubbing scandal went public.

Debate Over State's Charter Schools Flares

Sep 15, 2015
Superintendent Richard Ross during the July meeting of the Ohio Board of Education.
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Four members of the state board of education walked out of the group’s meeting Monday. They wanted to ask questions about a data-rigging scandal at the Department of Education and a takeover of Youngstown schools by the state.


But board member Ann Jacobs says she and the others were told they would not be permitted to talk to the public over what was said in executive session.


Ohio Department of Education

Ohio Gov. John Kasich recently said the state’s school board is too focused on politics. That comment was in response to a request from seven school board members for an outside investigation into Ohio’s charter schools. The board also wants an impartial investigation into whether State Superintendent Richard Ross was involved in the scrubbing of failing grades at some charters. School Choice Director David Hansen has already resigned over the issue.

Superintendent Richard Ross during the July meeting of the Ohio Board of Education.
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Seven members of the Ohio Board of Education have sent a letter to the state’s superintendent asking for an outside investigator to find out if he was involved in hiding poor charter school assessments.

Ohio Board Of Education Lacks Political Clout

Jul 30, 2015
Superintendent Richard Ross during the July meeting of the Ohio Board of Education.
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Members of the State Board of Education were upset at their meeting this month when they found out that some charter school sponsors may have been getting special treatment in their evaluations. Some state legislators are calling for the resignation of Ohio’s School Superintendent Richard Ross. The power to fire him lies in the hands of the school board. But as some board members found, that’s just about all the power they have.

Superintendent Richard Ross during the July meeting of the Ohio Board of Education.
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Ohio’s School Choice Director David Hansen has left his post after admitting he didn’t report some failing charter schools to the state. Now, a group of lawmakers is calling for the Ohio Board of Education to remove State Superintendent Richard Ross from his position.

House Minority Leader Fred Strahorn, of Dayton, says the state’s department of education has suffered a “systemic lack of transparency and accountability.”

State Board Of Education Hearing Complaints About PARCC Exams

Mar 13, 2015
State Board of Education members have been hearing many complaints from anxious parents.
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It’s known as the PARCC test, which stands for Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. It’s meant to test what kids have learned in the now statewide Common Core curriculum.  Throughout Ohio about 60 percent of the districts are taking the test online and 40 percent on paper with few problems so far says Jim Wright of the Ohio Department of Education.