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Ohio lawmakers might see a pay cut in their future if a group pushing a proposed constitutional amendment gets its way.

Jack Boyle is with a group that is circulating petitions to put before Ohio voters a package that he says would do four simple things, starting with tying legislator pay with median Ohio household income.

“Their pay will equal our pay. Second, they can’t pass any bill unless it affects them as well. Third, they can’t lobby for pay for a period of two years. And fourth, their records have to be kept safe for four years under government control. Period.”

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A ballot effort to boost Ohio's minimum wage has cleared an initial hurdle.


Attorney General Mike DeWine certified a petition for the proposed constitutional amendment Friday, saying it had the necessary signatures and a "fair and truthful" summary.


The proposal seeks to increase the minimum wage for non-tipped workers to $10 an hour on Jan. 1, 2017. That amount would then increase in 50-cent increments each year until it reaches $12 an hour in 2021.



The Ohio Ballot Board has approved new language for Issue 3 that voters will see on their ballots.

Ohio’s Supreme Court told the Ballot Board it needed to clean up some of the wording for the legalized pot issue voters would see this fall. A former Republican justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, Andy Douglas, says the court is right in making this unusual call for the language to be corrected.


The group behind this fall’s proposed amendment to legalize marijuana has a controversial new mascot.

The new ResponsibleOhio mascot is named Buddie, and he looks like a cross between Oscar the Grouch and Popeye the Sailor man – a green bushy head, meant to resemble a “bud” of pot, atop a bodybuilder’s physique.

ResponsibleOhio this week kicked off an RV tour of the state to promote its marijuana legalization initiative.
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Attorneys for ResponsibleOhio, the group backing the constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana on the ballot this fall, say they’re taking the state to court.

On Tuesday the Ballot Board set the wording for Issue 3, the proposed amendment that establishes ten growing sites and would set regulations for pot sale and use in Ohio.  And Don McTigue, attorney for ResponsibleOhio, doesn’t like the ballot language.

Panel To Vote On New Pot-Related Ballot Issue

Jul 15, 2015
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(AP) — A proposal to establish a process for purging old pot-related convictions made obsolete by marijuana legalization is headed to the Ohio Ballot Board. The panel meets Wednesday.

ResponsibleOhio is the group working to get a marijuana legalization issue on this fall's ballot. It considers its "Fresh Start Act" the next step in its efforts. They aim to place the measure on the 2016 ballot, a year after the legalization question.

The wording of a fall ballot issue revamping the way Ohio draws legislative and congressional districts is nearing final approval by a state panel.

The Ohio Ballot Board scheduled a Wednesday meeting to certify language for the proposed constitutional amendment.  It would strip elected officials of map-drawing powers and give them to a 12-person citizen commission.

A coalition of voter advocacy groups called Voters First is spearheading the effort.  Backers say the current setup lets the ruling party draw district lines to its favor.

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio voters opposed to a new collective bargaining law that limits public employee unions will get to vote "no" at the ballot box this fall, following a decision Wednesday by the state Ballot Board.

 The decision followed hours of negotiation by Secretary of State Jon Husted, the board's Republican chairman. It echoes years of Ohio ballot tradition, but also counts as a victory for the law's opponents. Voters against or confused by an issue tend to vote against it.