In the latest installment of our series Bulletin Board Diaries we follow a lede found on a business card at a cafe ... to Cedarville University. That’s where we meet a man who found a creative way to battle his own depression –– through music.

Stats + Stories: Celebrating The Statistics Of The Beautiful Game

Jun 17, 2018
Luke Bornn (@LukeBornn) is currently Vice President, Strategy and Analytics for the Sacramento Kings . Prior to joining the Kings, Bornn served as Head of Analytics for A.S. Roma of the Italian Serie A Football League, where he worked closely with manager
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Every four years sports fans around the world are glued to their TVs or barstools as the beautiful game is featured during World Cup play. Considered one of the most important tournaments in soccer, this year's World Cup contenders are gathered in Russia chasing after the golden trophy. Twenty eight teams' favorites to win the tourney include perennial powerhouses Germany, Brazil, Spain and France. Belgium is seen as a team poised to pull off an upset. While commentators will be focusing on the fleet footwork and deft dribbling of the sports stars, analysts will be crunching numbers trying to figure out if the secret to a team's success lie somewhere in sports data.

The statistics of the beautiful game are the focus of this episode of stats and stories where we explore the statistics behind the stories and the stories behind the statistics. Rosemary Pennington is joined by regular panelists John Bailer, chair of Miami statistics department, and Richard Campbell, chair of media journalism and film. Their guest is Luke Burnn, an assistant professor of statistics at Simon Fraser University and the vice president of strategy and analytics for the Sacramento Kings. He's also one of the authors of a piece in Significance magazine exploring the world of soccer stats. 

Heartfulness Meditation at Amanda’s Balance yoga studio in Piqua. Forty new seekers participating in the six weeks Heartful Living Class.
Heartfulness Dayton

In today’s world of social media overload, the 24-hour news cycle, and high tension politics, it can be difficult for individuals to maintain a ‘sense of self’ or to hear their own inner-voices among the noise - to remain self-aware in the face of today’s intersectional culture.


Uma Mullapudi is regional administrator for Heartfulness, an international network of wellness and meditation centers operating in 150 countries. She says it's important to find silence in the noisy world of today.


Dayton History's Rail Fest is a two day, family-friendly event.
Dayton History

Dayton History’s Rail Fest returns to Carillon Historical Park June 23, 2018.  The two-day event is billed as a “family fun event featuring free miniature train rides, live steam engines, model train displays, historical displays, train merchandise, and rail vendors,” among its attractions.

Festival co-chair David Oroszia and says railways were important to the development of the Miami Valley and many other cities around the country.

If a pilot program at Wright State University was expanded to all of Ohio’s public colleges and universities, it could save students some $300 million a year.

That’s according to the head of Wright State’s Task Force on Affordability and Efficiency, professor Dan Krane.

Krane helped implement the university’s latest cost saving program, called Inclusive Access, which was piloted by 1,000 students taking nine courses at the Dayton campus this year.

History Talk: Honduras, TPS, and U.S. Policy

Jun 15, 2018
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The Trump administration has taken a hardline on immigration. News from the U.S. border that asylum seekers are being turned away, that parents are being separated from their children, and the termination of Temporary Protected Status for 57,000 Hondurans currently living in the U.S. has drawn widespread public attention. But why are people fleeing? What is life like in their home countries? And what role does the U.S. play in creating the conditions that spur migration?

Wesley Center To Celebrate Juneteenth This Weekend

Jun 15, 2018
People dance onstage at last year's Juneteenth Festival.
Wesley Community Center

June 19 marks the anniversary of the day slavery was abolished in 1865. Today, that anniversary is known as “Juneteenth". According to the Wesley Community Center’s Executive Director Yvette Kelly-Fields, the holiday started in Texas and is now a national holiday.

Jerry Kenney / WYSO

In the age of online advertising, some people still use the old-school method to promote stuff they want to buy and sell –– by posting on bulletin boards in laundromats, restaurants and other establishments. WYSO’s Bulletin Board Diaries brings you some of the stories behind these ads.

Today in the series, we meet 28 year-old, Cedarville resident Andy McFarlane. We found his business card at the Beans-n-Cream coffee shop downtown - listing him as a composer, arranger, and private music instructor.

Senior Voices: Dan Nagle

Jun 14, 2018
Dan Nagle
Senior Voices

This week on Senior Voices, we meet Dan Nagle. Dan and his family have lived in Dayton for generations. He attended Chaminade High School and the University of Dayton before a stint in the Army and law school at Georgetown. Last September, he shared his story with Dayton Metro Library volunteer interviewer, Linda Pitzer.


LINDA PITZER: Do you have a favorite thing about living in Dayton? Would you recommend it to other people?

April Laissle / WYSO

About 100 people rallied against the Trump Administration’s immigration policies at a protest Thursday in front of Representative Mike Turner’s office in downtown Dayton.  

Advocacy group Dayton Indivisible For All organized the so-called “We Belong Together” rally to denounce the separation of immigrant families seeking asylum at U.S. border crossings.