Mayor Frank Jackson

Cleveland Streets Calm After Weekend Protests

May 25, 2015
Sarah Jane Tribble / WCPN

Cleveland Police arrested 71 protestors Saturday night for charges ranging from felonious assault to unlawful congregation. A member of the Greene County Black Lives Matter was among them. 

Cleveland’s Police Chief Calvin Williams said Sunday that the strategy to protect the city after a judge acquitted Cleveland Police Officer Michael Brelo was to stop violence before it began. 

When a protestor threw a sign into a restaurant in downtown Cleveland, there was an arrest. When protestors gathered in mass and refused to disperse, there were MORE arrests.  

cunningba / Flickr

CLEVELAND, Ohio - A Cleveland crackdown on flash mobs won't be enacted now that the city council has upheld the mayor's veto.

A measure that would have made it a crime to use social media or cell phones to pull together a crowd was approved unanimously by council members last month and then shot down by Mayor Frank Jackson. The Plain Dealer reports the council voted 14-2 on Wednesday not to override Jackson's first veto since he took office in 2006.