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C. Michael Fairman and Jeremy Dobbins
Will Davis / WYSO

Today our Veterans’ Voices series concludes with a conversation about the therapeutic benefits of adventure sports. Marines Corp veteran and Wright State student Jeremy Dobbins of Springfield spoke to fellow Marines Corp veteran C. Michael Fairman about coping with PTSD, and climbing the world's tallest mountain.

Jeremy Dobbins (JD): When you were on top of Mount Everest, I’m sure you felt a big sense of accomplishment. Did you have a moment of clarity on top of the mountain?

Nicholas Vaughn
Basim Blunt / WYSO

Today on Dayton Youth Radio we have a holiday story about the importance of family from a Tecumseh High School student, Nicholas Vaughn.

Nicholas Vaughn is a student at Tecumseh High School. Special Thanks to Michelle Peters, journalism teacher at Tecumseh High School. Learn more at the school's website:  http://www.tecumseh.k12.oh.us/

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Char Daston/WYSO

It’s easy to forget about where you get the energy that powers your home. But back in the 1960s, some of Piqua’s electricity came from its nuclear power plant, the first small-town sized nuclear reactor in the country. Listener Karen Power wanted to know why the reactor was built in Piqua. I drove down to the old reactor site to find out.

Recreating Large Locomotives On A Smaller Scale

Dec 28, 2016
J.M. Kahle

Today on Culture Couch, we have an unlikely story about a local man who built a working replica of a famous steam engine.  The Allegheny Locomotive was among the largest and most powerful locomotives ever built.  It was used to haul coal in the mountains of West Virginia for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroads in the 1940s and 50s. Community voices producer Jim Kahle met the man who's made a small scale replica of a very large train.

David Garrison reads Gary Pacernick's poem, "Babel."

A Guy Taking Pictures / Flickr Creative Commons

This winter I have been reading poems attributed to the fourth-century writer, Ambrose of Milan. His verses, sometimes sung as hymns, combine traditional cosmology with petition.     

Amborse addresses  the power that has created and orders the universe, the one who shapes the seasons of all things. He asks this giver of order to help us have the proper stability and natural balance in our spiritual life.

Conrad Balliet reads his poem, "Twas the Night After Christmas."

The Bridge From Dayton to the Congo

Dec 26, 2016
Congolese refugees worship at Grace United Methodist Church, in Dayton
George Drake Jr. / WYSO

Immigrants have shaped Dayton, Ohio recently. There are immigrants from over 100 countries who call it home and the city declares itself "Immigrant friendly." We go to to Grace United Methodist Church in Dayton, where, in the last months, dozens of refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo have been welcomed into the church and worship in Swahili. Community Voices producer George Drake Jr spent time with the congregation.

Jeremy Dobbins interviewing Jay Blunt
Jeniffer Seavey

Today our Veterans’ Voices series continues with a cross-generational conversation about racism. For some recruits, the military is the first time they have to confront their own prejudices, and live and work with people different from themselves. Here’s Marine Corps veteran and Wright State student Jeremy Dobbins of Springfield, and Marine Corps and Vietnam veteran, Jay Blunt of Dayton.

Owen Fittz
Basim Blunt / WYSO

Today on Dayton Youth Radio we have a story from Owen Fittz, a student at Centerville High School, about the sometimes rocky relationship between a teenager, his mom and his soon-to-be stepdad.