Kevin Boyce

State Representative Boyce Denies Pay-to-play Allegations

Jan 21, 2016
Andy Chow (Statehouse News Bureau)

State Representative Kevin Boyce of Columbus is speaking out about a federal investigation alleging he was involved in pay-to-play during his time as state treasurer.

While sitting with a handful of reporters in his northeast Columbus home on Thursday, former state treasurer Boyce adamantly denied being in a meeting where a company was told it had to donate to his campaign in order to win a state contract.

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Former Deputy Treasurer on Corruption Charges

Aug 19, 2013

Conspiracy, bribery, and money laundering, these are the charges against a former deputy state treasurer brought by a federal grand jury.

The indictment against Amer Ahmad alleges a tale of corruption between the former deputy treasurer, Ahmad’s business partner and a state lobbyist.

According to court documents, Ahmad is accused of using his position as deputy treasurer to hire Douglas Hampton and his company to conduct a series of lucrative securities trades on behalf of the state and the treasurer’s office.