Petition Fails To Save Springfield's Target Store

Nov 20, 2015
Mike Mozart / Flickr Creative Commons

The Target Store in Springfield is closed, and a petition to keep the store open has been rejected.

The petition had a goal of 5,000 signatures, but only 3,089 had signed it by Thursday afternoon. A Target spokeswoman issued a statement later in the day saying the company respects its "loyal and dedicated customers," but had to close several stores in Ohio as part of a restructuring plan. A Target in Trotwood closed last year despite similar protests.

Clark County resident Karen Sloane was hoping this petition would have an effect.

Proposal Shortens Maximum Length for Receiving Unemployment Benefits

Nov 13, 2015

The state still owes the federal government more than $775 million that it borrowed to pay unemployment benefits during the recession. Republican Representative Barbara Sears of the Toledo area has proposed some big changes to the state’s unemployment compensation program. That includes cutting off jobless benefits after 12 weeks instead of the current maximum of 26 weeks.

Ohio Group Pursues Minimum Wage Ballot Issue

Nov 6, 2015
Minimum wage activists demonstrated in Dayton in December 2013.
Lewis Wallace / WYSO

A group backed by unions and faith-based organizations wants to ask voters to raise the minimum wage over the next few years. The Ohio Organizing Collaborative wants the minimum wage in Ohio to go up to $10 per hour in 2017 and scale up to $12 per hour by 2021.

Director Kirk Noden says that their polling shows widespread support for a higher minimum wage.

“Ohioans are a cautious, pragmatic electorate, but I think if you were to put $10 per hour on the ballot, that polls at more than 70 percent," Noden says. "People who would pass that easily.”

Veterans and military personnel looking for work can visit more than a hundred Kroger grocery stores in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Springfield today.  Kroger will take job applications and conduct on-site interviews from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The grocery giant has about 1,100 positions open, and would like to fill as many of them them with vets, current service members and their families. Patty Leesemann, the public affairs manager in Cincinnati, says the employment outreach is part of Kroger’s Honoring Our Heroes (HOH) program.

The new Barclaycard call center at the Vora Technology Center in Butler County, Ohio
flyingfarms.com / Provided by the City of Hamilton

The Barclaycard call center opening up in Butler County will hold job fairs in Hamilton and Cincinnati this week. Barclay’s, which is a major international financial services company, plans to hire 1500 people over three years at its new location north of Cincinnati.

Lewis Wallace / WYSO/data from Policy Matters Ohio

This Labor Day we take a look at the economy in our state, and there has been some good news: unemployment is down to pre-Recession levels, with Ohio’s rate hitting 5 percent in July. But there are some negative trends, too: Wage growth hasn’t nearly kept up with growing productivity in the economy—last year, wages in the state ticked down to a median of $16.05 per hour, lagging just behind the national median.


Two commission-based sales reps are asking the Ohio Supreme Court to decide whether a constitutional amendment okayed by voters in 2006 required that they be paid minimum wage. The eventual ruling could have a big impact on businesses and employees throughout Ohio.

The lawsuit started with one of those free coupon magazines that come in the mail or in a plastic bag delivered to your doorstep. For this particular coupon book, JB Dollar Stretcher, most of the hundred or so employees of the company were outside sales representatives who were paid on commission.


 Dayton’s biggest healthcare network is having a job fair this weekend. Premier Health, which runs Miami Valley Hospital and several other facilities, is hiring for over 600 positions ranging from medical assistants to secretaries.

phone headset
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HAMILTON, Ohio (AP) — A financial services company is opening a call center and promising to create 1,500 jobs in southwest Ohio. The Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News reports that Barclaycard US confirmed Monday that it's opening the center in Hamilton, at Vora Technology Park.

Hamilton’s mayor says the company will have a profound impact on the area's economy. Employees of the center will provide customer service support for people who participate in credit card programs. The company expects to hire up to 250 people next year.


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The three new data and cloud computing centers that Amazon is bringing to Ohio will affect shoppers in the state who use the site. 

Amazon buyers in Ohio beware – if you’re not paying state and local sales taxes on your purchases from the retailer now, as state law says you should, you will be starting Monday, June 1.

“If you’re buying an Amazon product, they’re going to start charging Ohio sales tax and collecting it right when you are checking out,” Gary Gudmundson with the state tax department said.