2:02 pm
Tue July 3, 2012

Book Nook: Redshirts, by John Scalzi

Do you remember the original episodes of the TV show Star Trek? Whenever Captain Kirk would put together an away team to go down to the surface of the planet he would assemble the usual cast of star crew members; Spock,
Bones, Chekhov, etc. And usually there would be one more member of the away team, an unknown, some hapless fellow wearing a distinctive red shirt.

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11:52 am
Thu June 21, 2012

Book Nook: Spies and Commissars - the Early Years of the Russian Revolution, by Robert Service

The British historian Robert Service is a leading authority on Russian history with a particular expertise in the period between the October Revolution and the death of Stalin. He is the author of a dozen books including a trilogy of biographies on Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky.

In his latest, "Spies and Commissars - the Early Years of the Russian Revolution," Service examines the four year period from 1917 to 1921 when the Bolsheviks were consolidating their power.

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12:41 pm
Wed June 13, 2012

Book Nook: Bill Veeck: Baseball's Greatest Maverick, by Paul Dickson

Bill Veeck was one of the most fascinating figures in baseball history. Veeck owned a number of baseball teams over his long career. He was a shameless promoter who changed the way that our American pastime is presented.

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Arts & Culture
1:47 pm
Fri June 8, 2012

Live on Kaleidoscope: Magic Jackson

Magic Jackson

The members of Magic Jackson have been hard at work in the studio on a new album that's set to be the label debut for IBC Records.  The yet-to-be named album features a honing of the group's blend of rock and Dayton funk with lots of collaborations and guest appearances from other local and regional musicians.

Magic Jackson made a return visit to the WYSO studios for a live set on Kaleidoscope and to debut some of the tracks from their upcoming album.  They'll be performing live on June 15 at J-Alan's in Dayton.


12:42 pm
Mon June 4, 2012

Book Nook: The Wowzer, by Frank Wheeler Jr.

Sometimes people will ask me: "how do you pick the books and authors that you choose to feature on your program?" The answer isn't complicated. I look for books that are compelling, entertaining, well-written.

Frank Wheeler Jr. recently published "The Wowzer." It is his first published book. I started to read it and was immediately drawn in to this story. Our narrator is Jerry, a deputy sheriff in a rural county in the Ozarks. Jerry has a unique perspective on the world. As we look through his eyes at the reality that he sees we are drawn in to his life.

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