My enduring fascination with President Richard M. Nixon continues.

Swoosie Kurtz has had a long career as an actor in movies, on television and on stage. Her book "Part Swan, Part Goose - An Uncommon Memoir of Womanhood, Work and Family" is not your typical Hollywood memoir, however.

Gene Logsdon has seen a lot of things during his 82 years on the planet.  He has written widely about the things he has observed and the things that he thinks about. A brief scan of some of his book titles will give you some sense of his range. Logsdon is the author of many books including these: "A Sanctuary of Trees," "Small-Scale Grain Raising," "The Pond Lovers," "Successful Berry Growing," and "Andrew Wyeth : A Portrait of Andrew Wyeth as Seen By His Friends and Neighbors."

If you surveyed some passersby and asked them to name the most destructive river flood in American history most of them probably wouldn't know the right answer. It happened in 1927. The swollen Mississippi River had burst through the levee system. 27,000 square miles, an area 50 miles wide and 100 miles long was flooded and under as much as 30 feet of water.

Readers of urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels have been feasting on a plenitude of books recently.  Kim Harrison is the author of the sizzling hot series known as "The Hollows." Set in Cincinnati, these urban fantasies feature Rachel Morgan, a "witch-turned-daywalking-demon."

Harrison has invented her own unique mythology.  In this imagined world demons and elves once fought a war long ago that decimated their numbers.  They continue to deal with the consequences.