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It’s a chilly March afternoon in Marysville, Ohio, and I’m riding around on a golf cart with Clara Golding Kent, the public information officer for the Ohio Reformatory for Women.

It’s right after "count," when officials make sure the women serving time at Ohio's oldest prison are where they're supposed to be. Just now, the women here are heading to lunch, jobs and classes, or socializing in the yard.

The States of Incarceration exhibit will be on display at Antioch College's Herndon Gallery beginning March 29
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This episode of The Antioch Word is part 1 of a 2 part interview series conducted by podcast co-host and 2018 Miller Fellow, Mary Evans about the Incarcerated States Project at Antioch College and the State of Incarceration exhibit opening at the Herndon Gallery on March 29, 2018.

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A national coalition of law enforcement officials is calling on Congress to fully fund preschool programs for low-income kids. Over 30 Ohio police chiefs, sheriffs and prosecutors have signed a letter to Congress asking legislators to pass President Obama’s proposal to put $75 billion into early childhood education over ten years. They say it would ultimately pay itself off in the reduced costs of incarceration.