Herb Martin

Herbert Martin reads his poem, "0-100."

Herb Martin reads his poem, "Winter Observation 1."

Herb Martin reads his poem, "A Snake In The Yard."

Conrad Balliet reads Herbert Martin's poem, "My Mother At The End Of Her Days."

Herb Martin reads his poem, "Ballad."

Herb Martin reads his poem, "Alliance"

Professor Martin returns for a second session on the program so we can talk about Herb's long held affection for the poetry of Dayton's greatest poet, Paul Laurence Dunbar. Herb is the leading scholar of Dunbar's prodigious output of poetry, plays, and novels.

Herbert Woodward Martin's latest collection of poetry features a number of poems that Professor Martin has written over the years upon the flyleaves of other books that he was reading at the time. Here's an example:

On the Flyleaf of Hush I

Light melancholy

somber wind

flood of fire

lava distilled

nothing said

Herb Martin taught for many years at the University of Dayton. During this interview he provides listeners with glimpses into his life as a teacher and poet. He also reads a number of poems from his latest collection.

Conrad Balliet reads Herb Martin's poem, "Ballad"

Herb Martin reads his poem, "This Body."