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Election 2011
8:06 am
Wed November 9, 2011

Clark County Voters Approve Parks Levy

Clark County voters approved a sixth-tenths mill parks levy on Tuesday, as unofficial results show the levy passed with 57% of the vote.

The levy was an attempt to generate money to fund maintenance of green space, parks and bike trails throughout Clark County.  The parks levy will generate annually $1 million for the National Trail and Parks Recreation District and the Clark County Parks District, the two groups responsible for the maintenance of the parks in Clark County.

The levy will cost the owner of a $100,000 home $21 per year.

9:30 am
Tue November 8, 2011

Poor Will's Almanack: November 8 - 14, 2011

Hickory Bark
Flickr Creative Commons user ZeNeeceC

Poor Will’s Almanack for the first week of Late Fall.

I used to know a local woodsman by the name of Vern Hogans, a hunter and fisherman. One July, we were talking about the weather, and I was wondering what the winter ahead would bring.

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12:00 am
Mon November 7, 2011

Radio Rounds: Foundation for House M.D.

This episode features Dr. Harvey Liker, an internist and associate clinical professor of medicine at UCLA, who had a large role in the inception of the medical drama House M.D. on Fox. He discusses the show’s creation and his current role as the television show’s medical consultant.

9:15 am
Tue November 1, 2011

Poor Will's Almanack: November 1 - 7, 2011

Flickr Creative Commons user greenacre8

Poor Will’s Almanack for the Final Week of Middle Fall.

In the last week of October, I often go to watch the robins migrating along the river near my house.

The first time I saw their great flocks was on October 21, 1982. I had gone to the woods expecting to find the end of everything, all the leaves down, the flowers shriveled. Instead of desolation, I found a paradise of birds: I'd never seen the woods so alive, the robins chirping and fluttering around me.

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10:54 am
Mon October 31, 2011

Ohio steps up abandoned mine cleanup program

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - An Ohio program that cleans up after abandoned coal mines plans to undertake 53 projects next year, nearly three times as many as in 2007.

The Columbus Dispatch reports Monday that the work to restore land and streams is being expanded thanks to more federal money. A change in the formula for dividing coal company taxes among the states has increased Ohio's share, from $7.5 million in 2007 to $18.4 million for next year.