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12:15 pm
Tue October 4, 2011

Drug Dealers Tap Ohio Seniors for Pills

The state says drug dealers around Ohio are developing new sources for prescription painkillers by buying them from senior citizens, sometimes as the patients leave pharmacies.

The report by the Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring Network also blames the state's continuing rise of heroin use on addicts switching from prescription painkillers, which are more expensive and harder to obtain.

Orman Hall, director of the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services, says once people become addicted to painkillers it's almost inevitable they'll switch to heroin.

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8:18 am
Mon October 3, 2011

Experts: beetle likely to kill most Ohio ash trees


SOUTHINGTON, Ohio (AP) - Experts say that the invasive Emerald Ash Borer will likely kill off most of Ohio's ash trees in the coming years.

Authorities tell The Vindicator newspaper that the ash tree will likely go the way of Ohio's elm trees, most of which wiped out by Dutch Elm Disease in the 1960s and '70s.

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8:13 am
Mon October 3, 2011

Pa. gas drilling waste pumped under Ohio

AKRON, Ohio (AP) - Millions of gallons of drilling waste have been injected underground in Ohio, leading some to worry about possible ties to earthquakes.

The drilling practice known as hydraulic fracturing uses chemically-laced water to free oil and gas from underground shale formations. Ohio has 181 wells to inject waste fluid underground.

The Akron Beacon Journal reports that nearly 50 percent of the drilling waste comes from Pennsylvania, which last year banned shipment of the liquid to state water treatment plants.

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12:00 am
Mon October 3, 2011

Radio Rounds: The Ways We Live and Die

This episode features Dr. David Casarett, a palliative care physician at the University of Pennsylvania and author of Last Acts: Discovering Possibility and Opportunity at the End of Life. Dr. Casarett discusses caring for patients facing their final days of life -- and the choices he has seen them make for their "last acts."

8:45 am
Thu September 29, 2011

Ohio EPA: algae treatment successful in lake


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A toxic algae treatment in Ohio's largest inland lake over the summer was successful, the state's Environmental Protection Agency director says.

The agency has released a report that says the 3.3 million gallons of the chemical alum dropped into Grand Lake St. Marys was more successful than anticipated, killing 56 percent of phosphorous in the treated area.

Phosphorous feeds the blue-green toxic algae, which produces a nerve toxin that can sicken humans and kill pets and animals.

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