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Tue April 10, 2012

Poor Will's Almanack: April 10 - 16, 2012

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Poor Will’s Almanack for the third week of Middle Spring

The Great Dandelion Bloom is the most common and the most radical marker for the third week of Middle Spring Of course a few dandelions started blooming in February and March. Now, however, comes the GREAT Dandelion Flowering that begins in the Deep South - where Middle Spring comes much earlier than it does in the North - and it spreads up through the Border States like robins, reaching the 40th Parallel, the lateral midline of the United States in April, and then creeps up to the northern states in May.

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5:43 pm
Fri April 6, 2012

Ohio Selects New Contracts For Medicaid Program

Ohio has picked managed care organizations for new state Medicaid contracts that will provide health care services for more than 1.5 million poor and disabled people.

State officials say they selected Aetna Better Health of Ohio, CareSource, Meridian Health Plan, Paramount Advantage and United Healthcare Community Plan of Ohio.

Medicaid beneficiaries will be offered five managed care plan choices, up from the current two or three.

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12:19 pm
Tue April 3, 2012

Xavier University Stopping Birth Control Coverage

XavierUniversity in Cincinnati has announced that it will no longer provide birth control insurance coverage for employees.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that President of the Catholic university, Michael J. Graham,says the decision as prompted by national debate over a provision in President Barack Obama's health care law that requires insurers to provide such coverage.

Xavier says the change, announced Monday, goes into effect July 1. The university has about 950 faculty and staff and did not know how many would be affected.

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12:13 pm
Tue April 3, 2012

Mild Temps Could Bring Earlier Lake Erie Algae


The National Center for Water Quality Research says the mild winter and spring temperatures could mean toxic blue-green algae will make its appearance in western Lake Erie earlier than usual.

Dr. David Baker says the algae will show up sooner if the water heats up more quickly. Another critical factor will be rainfall and the amount of fertilizer that runs into the lake from nearby farms.

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8:37 am
Tue April 3, 2012

Poor Will's Almanack: April 3 - 9, 2012

Redbud blooms
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Poor Will’s Almanack for the Second week of Middle Spring.

Keeping a notebook of what happens every day in the small world around me, I often think about the cyclical quality of events in nature.

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