Green County

Election 2012
2:45 am
Wed November 7, 2012

Greene County Election Results 2012

Election Results from Greene County, Ohio with 100% of precincts reporting for November 2012 election.


President and Vice -President

Johnson/Gray 1.10%

Obama/Biden 38.21%

Romney/Ryan 59.95%

Stein/Honkala 0.29%


U. S. Senator

Sherrod Brown 38.91%

Josh Mandel 57.30%

Scott A. Rupert 3.80%


Representative to Congress

David A. Harlow 3.38%

Sharen Swartz Neuhardt 30.35%

Mike Turner 66.27%


State Senator

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1:38 pm
Thu October 22, 2009

Greene County Group Hopes To Improve School Budgets Through Sharing

School boards in Ohio are under a lot of economic pressure right now. They have to tighten their budgets, and on top of that, the shape of Ohio's state budget leaves questions about how much funding schools will receive in the future. In Greene County, there's a grass roots effort to save money in schools. It's got the attention of Governor Strickland.

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