Election results

Chris Redfern, the chair of Ohio's Democratic Party, lost his seat in the Ohio House of Representatives Tuesday and announced his resignation as party chair.
Sarah Ingles / Statehouse News Bureau

Republicans how have a record number elected seats in the Ohio House, winning at least 65 districts. The GOP has held 60 seats in the current General Assembly. Since a constitutional amendment established the 99-member House in 1967, the most seats the party had won was 64.

November 2014 Election Results

Nov 5, 2014
Andy Chow / Statehouse News Bureau

At 7:15 a.m. Wednesday, we have unofficial returns from all statewide and most local races we are covering on WYSO. 

Governor John Kasich won re-election over Democrat Ed Fitzgerald, bringing a whole ticket of Republican statewide offices with him. Mike DeWine will have another term as Attorney General, David Yost won a second term as state auditor, and John Husted won his bid for re-election as secretary of state.

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Nov 3, 2014
"No Campaigning Beyond This Point," a sign from the 2008 election in Ohio. voting voters
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Voters who haven’t voted early go to the polls Tuesday to elect a slew of statewide offices and decide on many local issues. The state offices up for grabs include governor, attorney general, secretary of state and seats on the state school board and the state Supreme Court.

In the Miami Valley, three Republican U.S. Congressmen are facing challenges: John Boehner in the 8th, Mike Turner in the 10th and Steve Chabot in the 1st U.S. district.

Voters in Springboro have decided to change the course on the conservative policies in place at the Springboro School district. The school board has been at the center of controversy over the past several years.