A possible state takeover of Dayton Public Schools was likely on the minds of voters who returned two school board members to their positions in Tuesday’s election, but who also voted in a newcomer who campaigned on holding school administrators accountable for the school’s poor performance. 

School board members Sheila Taylor, and Robert Walker will serve additional 4-year terms on the Dayton School board.  Joining them and the remaining board members will be John McManus, an outsider in the race who says his message of accountability was heard by voters.

The Ohio Departmente. of Education is pushing for updated safety plans for schools around the state
Ohio Department of Education

The Ohio Department of Education is keeping an eye on Dayton Public Schools this year. The district is on watch: it has three years to stop failing on state report cards, or face a state takeover.

A review team released its recommendations in May with ways to improve DPS. Some changes are already underway in classrooms across the district.



Vandalia-Butler School District

The Vandalia-Butler School District has a renewal property tax levy on the ballot next week.

Usually renewal levies are easy to pass—as they don’t raise anyone’s taxes. But at least one resident is planning to vote no.


Benjamin Jones lives in Butler Township and is tired of funding his local school district with property taxes—the value of your home or property determines how much you pay.


“There’s problems here. This financial model doesn’t work.”


A judge has ruled a takeover of the Youngstown City Schools by an appointed chief executive officer can proceed.

In denying a preliminary injunction Tuesday, Judge Jenifer French delivered a blow to representatives of the academically-distressed district who sought to block implementation of the law this month.

The takeover plan was crafted by a group of local business, community and education leaders with the help of State Superintendent Richard Ross. It was kept secret from the public until it was pushed through both chambers of the state Legislature on a single day.

Bing Davis and Margaret Peters

Friday, in hundreds of schools across the nation, prominent African Americans will go back to schools in their local communities to talk to students about their experiences. It’s part of the 6th Annual Back to School With The HistoryMakers program.

Dayton Artist Willis “Bing” Davis has spent a great deal of his life educating children and young adults about the importance of the arts and Friday he’ll talk to Belmont High School students about this year’s HistoryMakers theme: Commitment

Critics React To New Charter School Details

Sep 7, 2015
Superintendent of Public Instruction Richard Ross with Gov. John Kasich at a Cleveland charter school earlier this year.
Mark Urycki / State Impact Ohio

Critics are reacting to details buried in more than 100,000 documents related to the Ohio Department of Education’s handling of charter schools.

The state’s head of school choice, David Hansen, resigned after admitting to leaving out failing grades of online and dropout recovery schools while evaluating charter school sponsors. And reviews of public records released by the department suggest that several employees knew, on some level, about the data-rigging, but not state school superintendent Richard Ross.

Study Says Students' Race Changes Teacher Expectations

Aug 25, 2015
Arise Academy in Dayton is now closed, and former leaders of the school have been convicted of federal crimes.
User: Paradox 56 / Flickr/Creative Commons

Race does matter, according to a new study measuring high school teachers’ expectations for black students.

A new study involving 16,000 high school teachers around the country finds black teachers are more optimistic about black students than white teachers are. Researchers at American University and Johns Hopkins would pick a 10th grader and then ask two of his teachers, one white and one black, about how far they thought the student would go in school.

Deconstructing Race: Remembering Segregated Schools

Aug 24, 2015

Race is definitely a social construct that is designed to benefit some to the detriment of others—in the case of America, it benefits whites to the detriment of Blacks.

My father's people were very dark and my mother's people were white. We as children were various shades of brown. I never understood why my grandmother said she was colored, and had to tolerate the indignities of racism.

colored penciles, education, art
Alan Cleaver / Flickr Creative Commons

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio's public school superintendent has named a three-member panel to advise the department on evaluating charter school sponsors.

Superintendent Richard Ross says the state is committed to creating a system that evaluates charter school sponsors fairly while adhering to complex legal requirements. He says the independent panel will help do that.

Jeff Hiles / WYSO

College students are surrounded by technology inside and outside of the classroom. And increasingly educators are reaching learners through smart phones and laptops.