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8:26 am
Fri August 26, 2011

Companies line up to help Ohio unload turnpike


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Ohio's highway department says 14 companies are bidding to help guide the state with the possible lease of the Ohio Turnpike.

Gov. John Kasich said earlier this month that he wants to hire a team of private consultants to help the state determine how to get the best financial bang from the turnpike.

Ohio's Department of Transportation says bids came from 14 companies, including investment banks and law firms from across the country.

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4:47 pm
Thu August 25, 2011

Report: NASA Made Right Picks For Retired Shuttles


NASA's watchdog says the space agency acted properly when it picked new homes for the retired space shuttles. The shuttles were awarded to museums in suburban Washington DC, Los Angeles, Cape Canaveral, Fla., and New York.

Dayton and Houston did not benefit from the decisions and had asked for an investigation, alleging political influences. In a report released today Thursday, Inspector General Paul Martin found there were no outside influences, including none from the White House. The decision making was based on attendance, population, funding and the facility.

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7:37 am
Wed August 24, 2011

Chrysler may invest $72 million in NW Ohio plant

PERRYSBURG, Ohio (AP) - Chrysler Group LLC plans to invest $72 million in a northwest Ohio factory and says it is negotiating with state officials over incentives.

The automaker wants to modernize the Toledo Machining Plant in Perrysburg to produce new-generation torque converters and steering columns. The converters would be paired with new transmissions Chrysler is making in Kokomo, Ind., as part of the automaker's strategy to meet fuel economy requirements.

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7:32 am
Wed August 24, 2011

USGS boosts amount of Marcellus Shale gas reserves


PITTSBURGH(AP) - The U. S. Geological Survey says the Marcellus Shale region contains some 84 trillion cubic feet of undiscovered, recoverable natural gas, far more than thought nearly a decade ago.

Tuesday's figure is much higher than the last government assessment in 2002, which suggested about 2 trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas.

The USGS says the estimate came from new information about the gas-rich formation underlying New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Technical improvements in how wells are drilled also contributed to the new estimate.

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5:17 pm
Tue August 23, 2011

Ohio investors warned to be smart, not fearful

The volatile stock market and the recession have brought lots of new customers to a business that didn’t need any. Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler has details.

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