Community Voices

Miami Valley StoryCorps: Kim Clay & Vanessa Stanton-Clay

Apr 13, 2011
Kim Clay and Vanessa Stanton-Clay

"We have been truly blessed since the plant has closed - because some people have committed suicide, divorces, people have lost their homes, their cars... We're still standing. Everytime we think we're going under the water, something pushes us right back up."

Miami Valley StoryCorps: George Vlahos & Tom Ferratt

Apr 4, 2011
George Vlahos and Tom Ferratt

"I went to first grade for a month, maybe six weeks. The Italian Army invaded the village, therefore we were left without a teacher. Luckily, she left the textbook with us and so from that textbook my illiterate mother and I learned how to read."

Miami Valley StoryCorps: Doug Cline & Elizabeth Cline

Mar 30, 2011
Elizabeth Cline and Doug Cline

“All I can remember is looking out the back of the ambulance and getting the feeling we were driving about 90 miles and hour. At that point it started setting in that this was a very serious event.”

Doug Cline experienced a major heart attack one morning in March. He was only 51 years old. A month later, Doug and his wife Elizabeth sat down to talk about the moment that shook their lives and forced them to reevaluate their day-to-day priorities.

Miami Valley StoryCorps: Patricia Adams & Bryan Adams

Mar 24, 2011
Bryan Adams and Patricia Adams

“I’ll just take this child and put him in a little baby bed and he’ll just lay there and I can do my work, and then we had you. That wasn’t the way it worked out? No. You cried and fussed and carried on and you were way more work than I was prepared for.”

Patricia Adams is a legal assistant from Gahanna, Ohio. She came to StoryCorps to share stories about work. Patricia's son Bryan traveled all the way from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts to interview his mom. He wanted to hear about all the jobs she had before she took her favorite one – Mother.

Miami Valley StoryCorps: Linda Burrs and Damien Burrs

Mar 16, 2011
Damien Burrs and Linda Burrs

"Some people are afraid of failure, some people are afraid of success. Regardless of what that fear is, it has been allowed to get in their way. So, whether we believe we can or we believe we can't, either way, we're right."

Dr. Linda Jackson Burrs has had a lifelong interest in how people overcome fear. She is a professor, consultant, and author of the book, "The Fruits of Inclusion." Burrs's uncle, Maceo Snipes, became the first person of color to vote in Taylor County, Georgia in 1946. Burrs was eager to tell her son, Damien Tyrone Burrs, how that event shaped her life.

Miami Valley StoryCorps: Mary M. Morgan & Joy Schwab

Mar 2, 2011
Joy Schwab and Mary Morgan

"I went out and bought a paper, and there was a cartoon of a crazy woman - hair flying, arms askew - with the announcement: Mary Morgan takes out petitions for Dayton City Commission."

Mary Morgan was the first woman to run for Dayton City Commission in 1969. She went to the StoryCorps booth with her long-time friend Joy Schwab, a librarian from Beavercreek, to talk about what led her to run for office. Morgan describes herself as an "Appalachian migrant anti-racist feminist."

(Originally broadcast October 20, 2010)

Miami Valley StoryCorps: Ruby Nicholson & Jane Scott

Feb 23, 2011
Ruby Nicholson and Jane Scott

“We’d do spring cleaning, and one of the exciting times in spring was when we took the stove down and took of the long underwear. ”

Ruby Wells Nicholson has led a long and full life. Born in Kentucky in 1910, Ruby survived the Great Flu Epidemic and saw the birth of the automobile. Today, Ruby and her daughter Jane Scott live in Yellow Springs. In the StoryCorps booth Ruby shared memories of rural life: the changing of the seasons, and preparations for spring.

Miami Valley StoryCorps: Sam Dowse & Virginia Dowse

Feb 16, 2011
Sam Dowse and Virginia Dowse

“I can’t imagine my life without you. I’m so happy you got on my train…"

Extraordinary circumstances lead Sam Dowse to meet his future wife in Europe. When they got back to the US, Sam and Virginia struggled to maintain a long-distance relationship. But ten years ago, one of the largest tragedies in U.S. history finally brought this couple together – and brought them to Dayton.

Miami Valley StoryCorps: Anne Branning & Rani Deigh Crowe

Feb 16, 2011
Anne Branning and Rani Deighe Crowe

"I was in sixth grade when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She decided to experiment since she wasn’t interested in chemo."

Rani Deighe Crowe and Anne Branning of Yellow Springs are old friends. They came to StoryCorps to have one of their last face-to-face conversations. Just days later, Anne moved to New York. Rani interviewed Anne about her childhood, and her mother - who passed away when Anne was fourteen years old.

Miami Valley StoryCorps: Patricia Bates & Kay Lewis

Feb 2, 2011
Patricia Bates and Kay Lewis

“George died when he was forty. It seemed like the end of my life. Except, I had seven children and I had show them how you accept things like that.”

Kay Lewis is one of six children. Her father died of kidney failure in 1966 while Kay and her siblings where still young. Kay brought her mother Patricia Adams to StoryCorps. She wanted to learn more about how her mother coped with the loss of her partner and the father of her children.