Community Voices

Arts & Culture
10:30 am
Sun January 27, 2013

Jud Yalkut's Visions & Sur-Realities

Jud Yalkut
Credit Darlin Blanco-Lozano

If you’ve seen Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” music video, with it’s psychedelic-looking zooms, flashes, and interweaving forms and patterns, or the abstract montage images in Terence Malick’s recent film “Tree of Life”, you might be surprised to learn that a Miami Valley artist helped pioneer this iconic visual style as an experimental filmmaker in New York in the 1960’s. 

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Around the Miami Valley
10:30 am
Mon January 7, 2013

WYSO Weekend: January 6, 2013

Full episode of WYSO Weekend for January 6, 2013 including the following stories:

- Community Voices producer Amelia Robinson interviews descendants of Jordan Anderson, the author of A Letter From a Former Slave to His Master.

- A report from Ohio Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler about the response to the Armed Teacher Traning Program.

- On the lighter side of the news, Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports on an Ohio man using his acting skills to sell Tupperware.

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Around the Miami Valley
11:17 am
Mon September 24, 2012

2012 Community Voices Special (Pt. 2)

Kristen Wicker interviewing Alexis Larsen during a Community Voices Saturday Seminar.
Sarah Buckingham

This is the second installment of WYSO's 2012 Community Voices Special. From memories of your first car to man caves, funk music, and a local slasher flick - this hour is full of radio stories by, for, and about the Miami Valley, produced in this year's training course.

Around the Miami Valley
3:50 pm
Mon September 17, 2012

2012 Community Voices Special (Pt. 1)

Front row, left to right: Will Davis, WYSO General Manager Neenah Ellis, Jennifer Carlson, WYSO Community Voices Coordinator Sarah Buckingham. Middle: Mark Babb, Tracy Staley, Judy Whelley, Kristen Wicker. Back: Alexis Larsen, Alan Staiger, Basim Blunt.
Dennie Eagleson

Community Voices is all about getting more local voices on the radio. WYSO's training program turns listeners into producers. This hour, we’ll hear stories produced in the training and some new pieces that have yet to hit the airwaves.

WYSO Programming Notes
3:53 pm
Fri August 17, 2012

WYSO Hosts Screenless Screening at FilmDayton Festival

Community Voices is all about getting local voices on the air. WYSO held it's second Community Voices training course this year - teaching 10 local people how to make radio stories by, for, and about the Miami Valley. You'll hear those stories and meet the producers at the Screenless Screening.  It's August 26th at the Black Box Improv Theatre in downtown Dayton beginning at noon.

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