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The Raspberry Moon wanes throughout the week ahead, reaching perigee (its position closest to Earth) on July 1 and  becoming the new Coneflower Moon on July 4.

As the Coneflower Moon waxes and wanes through July, it brings on the black-eyed Susans, gray-headed coneflowers, showy coneflowers, and the white, purple and red coneflowers.  When their blossoms disappear, early fall will be fast approaching.

Congratulations! You've written your book, and you've decided you would like to publish it yourself. At the Rosewood Center tomorrow, Saturday, they are providing a class all about author-publishing. They will also discuss various sales and promotional strategies that can help your book find its audience.

In April, there was a ceremony at the Lafayette Escadrille and Flying Corps monument in France to mark the original Escadrille’s centennial
Dan Patterson

WYSO Aviation commentators Dan Patterson and Paul Glenshaw traveled to France in April to witness a significant moment in aviation history. Today they bring us the story of a milestone of American aviation—the loss of the first American pilot in combat.

One hundred years ago, on June 23, 1916, a young flyer named Victor Chapman took off on his last flight.

Community Calendar Spotlight on the 11th Annual Miami Valley Rail Fest

Jun 23, 2016

The Carillon Park Rail and Steam Society builds and operates a ridable 7 1/2 gauge railroad within the park. The railroad represents a smaller version of historical, steam, electric and diesel locomotives which have been pulling family members around the park since 1985.

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Summer solstice is history  now, and on June 23rd, the sun begins its six-month descent to winter solstice. Middle summer typically begins this week along the 40th Parallel, and it lasts until the Dog Days weaken in the first of the late summer high-pressure systems, about August 10. In these six to seven weeks, approximately an hour is lost from the day's length and the year turns toward autumn. 

If you want to learn about the U.S. Park Police Aviation and how they rescued the Air Florida plane that crashed into the Potomac River then tonight at 7:00 pm in The Engineers Club of Dayton is a presentation all about this.

Community Calendar Spotlight on Garby Big Woods Reverse's Archery Range

Jun 16, 2016
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Around the corner from my house there’s an archery club that holds local and state tournaments. Whenever I drive by during one of their events I think, “man, that looks like fun”.

Last weekend they hosted the Ohio Society of Traditional Archers and I came home a spent about an hour researching the differences between a long bow and a self-bow. Basically both are primitive style bows that measure roughly the height of the archer, but self-bows are made from a single piece of wood with no other backing or laminates.

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Having entered its second quarter on June 12, the gibbous Raspberry Moon waxes throughout the week ahead, reaching apogee (its position farthest from Earth) and becoming totally full at 6:02 a.m. on June 20. Summer solstice takes place on the same day, at 6:34 p.m.

Now is high tide in the year, and the berries grow fat and sweet beneath the glowing moon. “Taste the sugar berry sugar purple berry,” I once wrote under the influence of a little mulberry wine, “sugar wild hot sugar sunning sugar berry, sugar in the sun.”

If you want to ride your bike on Saturday the Dayton Rotary Club is having 3 fun rides to pick from: an easy 6 mile ride; a 32 mile ride; and a 64 mile ride. All starting from the central Xenia Station Bike Hub. Get there at 8am.  On your Facebook find daytonrotaryride

Community Calendar Spotlight on the International Folk Dance Workshop

Jun 9, 2016

In 1947 Michael Solomon, a recreation employee for the City of Dayton, was introduced to international folk dancing by some neighbors. He got hooked and started a folk dancing class in 1952 sponsored by the City of Dayton’s Recreation Department. The class was so popular that a new club was formed call the Miami Valley Folk Dancers, led by Michael Solomon.  The club has members of all ages, and the initial membership fee of $1.00 per month is still in effect today.