Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly

Clark County law enforcement and health officials are ramping up their efforts to battle the recent increase in heroin related deaths and drug-related overdoses.

According to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's office, nearly 2,000 Ohioans have died from heroin related overdoses in the past year. Springfield Regional Medical Center has treated more than 100 patients for drug overdoses since January.

World Police Vehicles / Flickr Creative Commons

A Clark County sheriff's deputy has been fired after admitting to publishing racist tweets.  A concerned citizen saw the posts on Twitter and realized they belonged to a member of local law enforcement.

Tuesday night, Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly says he received an email containing social media posts from one of his deputies, Zachary Davis, that were made in late April. The posts encouraged the use of deadly force against protesters in Baltimore along with racist language to describe African-Americans.

Four Northwestern High School seniors have plead not guilty to felony charges in connection with a senior prank that caused the district to postpone a fourth grade field trip and cancel classes. 

Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly noted that the four teens allegedly removed the valve stems and flattened 60 tires on 24 school buses. The vandalism, according to Kelly, will be costly for the district.

The Yellow Springs police department has requested outside help to determine whether criminal charges should be brought against one of its sergeants.

Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly says at the request of the Yellow Springs interim police chief, David Hale, he’ll investigate alleged criminal misconduct by Sergeant Naomi Penrod.

Penrod has been accused of twisting the arm of a resident who was filming her when police arrived on Nov. 5th to check on an eviction notice. An internal investigation determined that Penrod had committed a "hostile act," which she's appealing.

After completing training, some Emergency Medical Services personnel in Clark County are carrying concealed guns for self-defense, but not all law local law enforcement is behind the idea.