Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones is encouraging staffers with licenses to carry to bring their weapons to work.

The Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News reports Jones also urged civilian employees to carry their weapons while operating any department vehicle away from headquarters.

Jones encouraged employees to carry their guns in a memo on Friday after recent attacks against police officers in other parts of the county. In the memo, Jones urged employees to plan their attire appropriately and carry their weapons discreetly when in public view.

April Laissle / WYSO

The Madison Local School district is closed today as the Butler County Sheriff's Department investigates a shooting by a teenage boy that injured four students, including two who were hit by gunfire.


Police say 14-year-old James Austin Hancock opened fire in the cafeteria of Madison Junior/Senior High around lunchtime yesterday, hitting two students. They were flown to a hospital yesterday and were reportedly in stable condition.

Keith Allison / Flickr

HAMILTON, Ohio – Secret indictments passed down by the Butler County grand jury on Monday led to a joint drug roundup operation that has arrested a total of 44 people on felony charges.

Some arrests were made in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Fostoria, however most took place in Butler County. The roundup is the result of numerous undercover drug operations over the past year.