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Steve Broidy reads his poem, "By The Light."

Janeal Ravndal reads Joy Schwab's poem, "Music."

Congressman Mack Flies Around The World In 1951

Oct 10, 2014
courtesy of the Mack family

For today's aviation commentary, Paul Glenshaw has an unlikely story. See if you can imagine this: a congressman risks his life for a self funded world peace mission. The Smithsonian loans an airplane from its collection for a solo round- the- world flight. A pilot makes that flight and does nothing to exploit his achievement. Yet, as Glenshaw tells us, all these things happened, in 1951, to one Peter Mack.

Judy Johnson reads her poem, "Wedding Supper 1962."

Brandon Semler (Guitar/Vocals), Rick Sanders (Bass/Vocals), and Tyler Spears (Drums) have been performing together as Noodle Factory since 2012.  The trio began performing their favorite classic rock songs but are now moving towards more original material that spans many different genres.  The band visited the WYSO studios for a live set on Kaleidoscope and talked with host Juliet Fromholt about writing, recording and the combining their music influences to form the band's sound. 

Noodle Factory's debut album, Buzz, will be released December 13th.


The Dayton LGBT Film Festival, returns to The Neon Movies this weekend. It is the ninth year for the premiere LGBT event. In this interview, WYSO's Jerry Kenney speaks with Jonathan McNeil of the Neon about this year's lineup of feature-length movies, short films, documentaries and special events. 

Below is the full festival schedule from The Neon Movies:

Friday, October 10 - 7:30 - Sponsored by Square One Salon & Spa

THE WAY HE LOOKS, Brazil, Directed by Daniel Ribeiro - 95 Minutes

Janeal Ravndal reads Jane Kretschman's poem, "October Light."

Nate Stevens Photography

Chris Yakopcic brought acoustic blues to the September 2014 edition of Shake's Hall Pass, performing a mix of originals and his own renditions of the classics.  He and Shakin' Dave talked about guitars, learning the blues and more.

Marietta Ball reads her poem, "I Don't Advise the Young."

Ted Rall went to Afghanistan shortly after the United States invaded the country. He was with a group of journalists-during that time things were quite dangerous there. Some of them never made it back home.