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Myrna Stone reads her poem, "From the Kitchen."

Professor Harold Bloom made his first appearance in the Book Nook in 1998 when he came on the show to talk about his book "Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human." Bear in mind that 20 years ago we were in the fledgling days of the internet as a form of mass communication. WYSO had only recently gone on-line with a web-site and those of us who were on the radio station staff at that time had not even had e-mail addresses for very long. Those were different times. During the early days of the commercial internet bandwidth, storage, and memory were still daunting and often expensive issues.

Lori Gravley reads Kathy Austin's poems, "Sweet October" and "Change of Season."

ThunderTaker returned to the WYSO studios ahead of the release of their new EP, Yin&Yang.  The band performed live on Kaleidoscope and talked with host Juliet Fromholt about recording the EP, upcoming gigs and more.

ThunderTaker will perform on September 29 at Oscar's in Vandalia.  They'll celebrate the release of Yin&Yang on December 2.

Ashley Jenkins Photography

Cricketbows returned to the WYSO studios for a live set on Kaleidoscope coinciding with the release of the band's Communion EP and Where the Ocean Meets The Sky, a film centered on the EP's recording. The band spoke with host Juliet Fromholt about both projects, the continued evolution of their sound and more.

Cricketbows will perform on September 29 at Oscar's in Vandalia and on Sunday, October 29 at Blind Bob's.

North Carolina-based band Irata will travel to the Miami Valley as part of their tour with Caustic Casanova.  Members of the band spoke with Kaleidoscope host Juliet Fromholt about their year so far, writing, recording, and more.

Irata will perform at Blind Bob's on Saturday, September 30 with Caustic Casanova, Close the Hatch and Floodwalker.

In the 13th book in her series that features Armand Gamache, now Chief Superintendent Gamache, we find him living peacefully in the quaint village of Three Pines. There's a Halloween Party and one of the guests in attendance is a mysterious figure. This person is robed and masked and nobody seems to know the identity of this silent person.

Speaking Suns
Khalil Nasar

Members of Speaking Suns visited the WYSO studios to share tracks from their new two-disc album, Range. They spoke with WYSO Music Director Niki Dakota about writing and recording the album, the upcoming release show and more.

Speaking Suns will celebrate the release of Range on Saturday, September 30 at Pretty House in Dayton. More details at: https://www.facebook.com/events/114909342522533

Almost twenty years ago Leonard Shlain made his first appearance on the program. Dr. Shlain came through the area on book tour for "The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image." Our conversation that afternoon clearly made an impact with listeners. To this day I still hear from people who heard the interview and were intrigued by it.

Janeal Ravndal reads her poem, "Chicory."