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Fresh from a performance in Chicago, DJ Béeso, Alex Blocker, AnTro and Lady Yazzie visited the WYSO studios for an evening of music, dance and conversation on Kaleidoscope.

Special thanks to Tom Amrhein and Tatiana Benally.

Chris Woodyard is the grand dame of "Haunted Ohio." Woodyard's dedication and devotion to unearthing the spookiest stories and superstitions have kept readers horrified,entertained and enthralled  for decades. For her latest collection Woodyard has excavated reams of creepy material from periodicals of the Victorian era. The Victorians could seem a bit obsessive about death.

These articles range from strange to bizarre, from chilling to mildly disturbing. Her passion for this  work shines through in her books  and in this interview.

Conrad Balliet reads David Peterman's poem, "If Jesus Had Died Of Old Age."

Ohio's First Poet Laureate Begins Post This Week

Dec 29, 2015
Amit Majmudar
Statehouse News Bureau

Ohio's first Poet Laureate begins his two-year term on Friday, and he has roots in both the Far East and Northeast Ohio. Nuclear Radiologist Amit Majmudar was appointed by Gov. Kasich due to the variety of poetry styles he’s worked in. The 36-year-old Indian-American lives near Columbus, but he grew up in Mayfield, went to the University of Akron and NEOMED and did his residency at University Hospitals.  He calls the post both an honor and a responsibility. “How the post works and what the duties will be; what the structure will be: I’ll be kind of structuring the post as I go.

Over the years that I have been conducting radio interviews I have had the opportunity to speak to some people who were in unusual locations. Cell phones are to blame. Back in the 1990's I called a woman who was living in a tree.  Julia Butterfly was perched high atop a redwood tree named Luna. A logging company in northern California was planning to chop the tree down. Julia had been living up in the tree for months to keep that from happening!

Conrad Balliet reads his poem, "The Night After Christmas."

The Motel Beds capped off a successful 2015 with the release of Mind Glitter in the fall.  With live shows already in the works for 2016, the band visited the WYSO studios and performed a live, acoustic set on Kaleidoscope.

The Motel Beds will perform on January 22nd at Canal Public House with Speaking Suns and Birthday Boy.

Do you like to read books that leave you feeling slightly uneasy? "Her" by Harriet Lane is a book that on the surface might appear to be the story about a friendship between two women who live in a London suburb. But after you have been reading it for a while you'll start to feel that there's something much more sinister going on here. 

Conrad Balliet reads Stella Ling's poem, "Solstice and Equinox."

Some writers put out a book every year. That's actually very hard to do, unless you are James Patterson who seems to put out a new book every five minutes. Then there are the authors who take their time. They are doing their research. They are making certain that everything is just right. Amitav Ghosh is one of those rare writers who seems to vanish for a few years as he is burrowing in to his current project. I waited a long time for him to finally publish his novel "Flood of Fire." It was well worth the wait.