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4:45 pm
Fri April 8, 2011

Live on Excursions: Wolf Ram Heart

Wolf Ram Heart

Wolf Ram Heart hails from Columbus, OH and takes their name from an episode of Angel.  The band visited the WYSO studios ahead of their show at South Tavern Park, and chatted with Niki Dakota about their latest album, Betrayal of Hearts.  Recorded in the Hocking Hills, the band focused on giving the album a sense of place, which they hope to continue when the record their followup, hopefully entirely on equipment powered by solar energy.

Wolf Ram Heart performs tomorrow night at South Park Tavern in Dayton. 

Arts & Culture
7:59 pm
Thu April 7, 2011

Conrad's Corner: April 7, 2011

Julie Moore reads Rita Coleman's poem, "Windshield Dancers."

4:05 pm
Thu April 7, 2011

Live on Kaleidoscope: The Dirty Socialites

The Dirty Socialites

After branching off from another band, Gretta, Derek and Angie formed the Dirty Socialites to explore their varied musical influences.  They do just that on their debut album Amor or Armor, which was a completely homegrown project from the recording and mastering to the artwork. 

The band visited the WYSO studios to perform live and talk about their process for creating an album - from writing to recording - all in the same room.  The Dirty Socialites will perform at South Park Tavern on April 16th.

12:36 pm
Thu April 7, 2011

Live on Kaleidoscope: Encore Theatre Company's Hedwig and the Angry Inch

JJ Parkey as Hedwig
courtesy of Encore Theater Company

JJ Parkey plays the title role in Encore Theatre Company's upcoming production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  Here he talks about developing the character and the dynamic between Hedwig, the ensemble and the audience. 

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is April 7 and 8th at Club Vex and 9th at MJ's Cafe.

Arts & Culture
7:59 pm
Wed April 6, 2011

Conrad's Corner: April 6, 2011

Conrad Balliet reads Marsha Bush's poem, "Cool Front."