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Arts & Culture
7:59 pm
Sat November 6, 2010

Conrad's Corner: November 6, 2010

Conrad Balliet reads James Brooks' poem, "Eastern Standard Time."

2:23 pm
Thu November 4, 2010

TKao Live on Kaleidoscope

Tim Kao began writing the songs that would become Old Music for Young Hearts while living in Shanghai, China.  When he returned to the U.S., he met up with several established local musicians with whom he finished the album.  T.Kao visited the WYSO studios to perform live versions of songs from Old Music for Young Hearts and to talk about the collaborative recording process for the album.

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Arts & Culture
7:59 pm
Tue November 2, 2010

Conrad's Corner: November 2, 2012

Conrad Balliet reads David Garrison's poem, "Long Division."

1:15 pm
Mon November 1, 2010

Book Nook: The Blessings of the Animals, Katrina Kittle

Katrina Kittle's fourth novel, "The Blessings of the Animals" is the story of a marriage. As the book opens Cami Anderson's marriage is falling apart. Anderson, a veterinarian, seeks refuge in her work. She discovers that her animal companions can be more dependable and affectionate than some of her human companions have been.

Arts & Culture
7:59 pm
Thu October 28, 2010

Conrad's Corner: October 28, 2010

Conrad Balliet reads Steve Broidy's poem, "Cynics Fall."