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7:59 pm
Thu August 18, 2011

Conrad's Corner: August 18, 2011

Julie Moore reads Lynnell Edwards' "Summer Chorus"

7:59 pm
Wed August 17, 2011

Conrad's Corner: August 17, 2011

Conrad Balliet reads Jane Kretschman's poem, "Poetry on Cabin Porch"

7:59 pm
Tue August 16, 2011

Conrad's Corner: August 16, 2011

Conrad Balliet reads Maxine Skuba's poem, "My Brother"

12:33 pm
Mon August 15, 2011

Book Nook: Reign of Madness by Lynn Cullen

Juana the Mad has been depicted by some historians as a 16th century Spanish queen who was insane. She was the daughter of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. Juana was so far down the chain of succession that she was never expected to ascend to the throne.

But she did. Then she spent most of her long life as a virtual prisoner while a succession of men, her husband, her father, then her son, ruled Juana's empire while she languished in seclusion. Lynn Cullen was intrigued by the rather mythical aspects of Juana's reign. She decided to write a historical novel about it.

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Arts & Culture
10:35 am
Sun August 14, 2011

Antioch Writers' Workshop Faculty Reading: Jamey Dunham

We continuing our series of faculty readings from this summer's Antioch Writers' Workshop with Jamey Dunham.  He's an award-winning prose poet and an associate professor of English at Sinclair Community College.  Dunham taught the afternoon poetry session at this year's Writers' Workshop.

In this selection he reads several poems from his collection, The Bible of Lost Pets (Salt Modern Poets, 2009).